Hardy perennial flowering climber for deck lattice?

chambersApril 27, 2014

Hi Folks,

I was thinking about growing a flowering vine-like plant to fill out the railing lattice on my third floor balcony. I was hoping that one of you might have some suggestions. Ideally I'm looking for the following:

-- A perennial.
-- Can withstand the cold in a container. I'm in Boston (zone 6b) so preferably something that can withstand zone 5a.
-- A climber that will take to a deck lattice.
-- Long bloomer, hopefully throughout the summer.
-- Something with a non-overbearing smell to its blooms.

Anybody have any suggestions about a good direction to pursue?

I was thinking maybe Clematis or Wisteria?

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I would vote for clematis if there is enough sun since there are so many varieties to choose from, BUT they can't do typical lattice. Clematis apparently need something about 1/4 of an inch or smaller to wrap around. They can't climb anything wider and I'm guessing your lattice is the standard of at least 1 inch pieces?


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