Surprise bonus for being thorough

linnea56(z5 IL)December 2, 2009

Since the next week or more is supposed to be cold, I got out today to do some remaining work in the yard. I had 3 Icicle helichrysum plants in my big deck pots (looks like a silvery rosemary plant). This was the first year I had ever seen these and I loved them. Great silver accent color, and never got weedy. They were the tall accent in my pots. I donÂt know if I will ever see them offered for sale again. Even after all the other annuals died off after frost in these pots, the Icicle still looked great. I decided to see if I could save them, so transplanted them into 1 gal pots small enough to bring into the house. I hope it works and they donÂt die from indoor heat.

In the process I found a few things still in the pots. 5 tuberous begonias and 2 dahlias! Apparently I had overlooked these when I dug out the other tuberous begonias, callas, and dahlias weeks ago when the frost first zapped them. It seems like a lot to miss: but I guess with the tops dead I had forgotten how many I had in there. After I found the first one I crumbled up every promising lump left in the pots. Messy, but oh, so rewarding! I wonder if they have been damaged by being out so long. They were all still firm, though on the first begonia I cut a chunk off with the trowel.

Wow. I feel like I just got a freebie!!! You know you are lacking in gardening thrills when you get this excited about finding things you didnÂt know you had.

I wonder what I will find to do for adventure next week.

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donnabaskets(Zone 8a, Central MS)

Good for you, Linnea. If you hadn't been working out there, they'd have all been compost by spring. I worked outside this morning scraping all the mulch and stuff from a row of 9 hydrangeas. They had some kind of a fungus this year and I am hoping that by doing this and stripping off all their dead leaves, I will not have the same problem next year. As I scraped, I discovers dozens and dozens of Snowflakes coming up. A promise of spring...

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana(zone 5/6)

As I scraped, I discovers dozens and dozens of Snowflakes coming up. A promise of spring... you maybe mean Snowdrops? I'm not familiar with Snowflakes, but might need some once I know what they are.

Congrats Linnea, on finding some goodies, without having to go shopping. Just like free plants for next year, huh?

I wonder what I will find to do for adventure next week.
Go walking around to see what all spring bulbs might be springing up early.


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That's like last month, when I dug out some vincas, and discovered 17 Narcissus bulbs that I had forgotten. It's the gardening equivalent of cleaning under your couch cushions!

Kevin : ])

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pitimpinai(z6 Chicago)

Linnea, the dahlia tubers should be OK. I don't have callas or begonia, but as long as they have not been frozen they should be alright.

I dug up my dahlia tubers in October and stored them in my detached garage. But it was so warm in November that they have sprouted! I managed to move them all to my insulated but unheated attic this afternoon. They should be alright until spring.

I wanted to dig up my annual geranium to pot them up, but was too tired. If they survive until this weekend, I may pot them up and bring them inside this weekend. :-D
Many things in my garden are still in bloom, having survived light frost several times. They may freeze by the weekend since the temp is supposed to drop to 20s tonight and tomorrow.

Sue, donnabaskets probably meant Leucojum when she mentioned Snowflakes. I have a lot of Leucojum aestivum 'Gravetye Giant'. They are sprouting just like Daffodils. I love this spring bulb. It multiplies very fast, though....much faster than any daffodils I have. I need to thin them out only after 3-4 years.

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donnabaskets(Zone 8a, Central MS)

Right, leucojum. I got them from an older woman who had them growing in patches in the lawn of her antebellum home. She said they were there when she moved in FIFTY years ago. I dug a small clump that spring and brought them straight home and planted them. Lucky for me, that is the best way to do it since they evidently have a short shelf life. Unfortunately, Snowdrops do not grow for me here. Not enough cold. I have tried every variety that I could find available, because I do love them. Oh well. Snowflakes are the next best thing. Not only do they not need hard winters, but they are very tolerant of moist soil year round. They are lovely. Their one drawback is that their foliage is similar to the larger daffodils: slow to ripen. I have them under my hydrangeas which helps.

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