anyone able to I.D. these eggs?

thefarmguyFebruary 15, 2013

I have been meaning to ask if anyone can tell me what layed these eggs, they are on a string that was used to support tomatoes, in a unheated open greenhouse, they were about 5 feet off the ground,, also some yardlong beans and chilli peppers in there, first time i have ever seen these, late august durring a run of nice weather, thanks for taking a look

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Looks typical of a moth/butterfly egg pattern...what kind, I can't say.

If you've seen a certain kind of moth/butterfly around your plants at the time you discovered the eggs it might help you narrow your ID.

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thanks, interesting that they were on synthetic string, suppose we could have just watched them to see what developed but first instinct was to just get them the heck out of there, thanks again

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