Has anyone seen these Tomato/Potato plants?

tropic.dreams(5)April 5, 2010

They seem a bit odd to me, though I wouldn't be able to tell why they wouldn't work.

After reading through all 67 pages of past posts, I'd think they weren't right for the add-more-soil potato technique.

Here is a link that might be useful: Tomato/Potato plant

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You have to "consider the source" as they say. That site is also selling topsy-turvey planters. They're another thing that works, sorta, but why bother? One plant cannot give you a good yield of tomatos and potatoes both. You get a few of each if you're lucky.

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Yukon Gold typically have "tomatoes" growing on them but I didn't eat any - they are supposedly poisonous.


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sprtsguy76(Santa Clara Ca. 9b)

Thats just plain crazy! Tomato/potato grafting, well if you try them let us know, I'd be really interested how they turn out. But like wordwiz said, potatoes can but rarely yeild potato berries that you can extract seed from, and you dont want to eat those. But its my understanding that its pretty easy to tell the difference between a potato berry and a tomato. One is that I dont think potato berries turn red, they are a green/amber color.


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I'm a tree person and while I love fruit trees and wish I had room for many more I will not buy those multi-variety grafts, even though they do make sense. The problem is that many of the grafts often fail over time and you end up with half dead trees.

As for this potato / tomato thing, I cannot imagine how it can work. Potatoes require lots of leaves above ground to produce potatoes, and tomato plants actually have very extensive root systems. If you replace the potato leaves with tomato tops you get no potatoes, and if you have a potato plant beneath the tomato plant then where do the tomato roots go?

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natschultz, I think that's what was bugging me about the idea of the plant -- how each was going to get the nutrients it needed.

sprtsguy, Not going to try it, too expensive. I'm just intrigued by unusual plants and experimentation.

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They sell them

Here is a link that might be useful: Gardnerschoice

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Why would anyone want to go through the trouble of grafting plants that are typically grown as annuals?

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I have one! I planted 4 potato eyes that had sprouted before I used them. Three grew and one has the very odd "tomatoes" growing on it. I believe it is a Yukon Gold plant and have enjoyed the potatoes from this plant!

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edweather(Zone 5a/b Central NY)

Those odd looking fruits look like potato fruits not tomatoes! Do not eat them they're poisonous. They will stay small and green like that.

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I'm in the process of grafting some tomato/potatoes, just for fun! I'd speculate each half would probably perform more poorly than an ungrafted plant, but it's kind of a novelty. Aside from educated speculations, has anyone had any real experiance with this type of grafted plant? I'd be curious as to how it worked out. If not, and my grafts take, I'll be answering my own question.

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