earthbox seems shallow....

ani_t(bellevue, wa)April 22, 2012

for tomatoes, it lists dept of only 29 14 x11 inches

11 inches seems too small for tomatoes going by what i am reading here- it needs to be large and deep...\

Can i also grow blueberries in an earthbox

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its the bare minimum but it works. at the end of the season you'll see what a root system looks like. for blueberry i dont have a clue but i wouldnt, i would use a planter or wine barrel.etc

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dancinglemons(7B VA)

You are quite correct. The EB is shallow and terrybull is also right - it works. I've got 25 of the factory made EB's and many EarthTainers. I have successfully grown large tomato plants in the EB just as their website instructs -but- I get better production in the EarthTainer using Rubber*maid storage containers. This year will be my 4th or 5th year with EB's (can't remember) and I do like them - I just like the EarthTainer better.

Happy gardening,

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I built a 3' x 4' box to put on my patio. I have about 12 inches of soil in it as well. I put 4 tomato plants about 1' apart. B/c of the shallow soil depth, should I widen those out a bit? I'm going to feed them a lot with a very diluted vegetable fertilizer and pinch them back as they develop suckers. I love to garden and love to cook, but this is my first experience growing edibles. Wish me luck!

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