Suggestions for tree replacement.

syed_altafJanuary 22, 2012


I had this large Pear Tree that was too close to the house. I got rid of it last spring. Looking for a replacement tree. Need to be small so it won't be problem for the house. Some kind of accent tree?

Any suggestions are welcome.

Location: Ohio.

Also have these rose bushes that I need to get rid of. Any suggestions also welcome.


Image link:

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Hydrangea729(6A Ohio)

Hello fellow Ohio gardener!

I have some ideas for you, including a sketch I did using Microsoft Paint. To start with, I have a house with an essentially identical color scheme so I have some experience working with this particular color palette. I think you should strongly consider playing with the cranberry-ish shutters and, by extension, try to maximize your use of red-purple-pink plants (foliage and flowers). I cannot figure out how to include an image with this follow-up message so I went ahead and created a new post back on the Landscape Design gallery frontpage.

I hope you enjoy some of the ideas!

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Thanks a lot Hydrangea729.

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