Portulacaria afra repot

fredmanApril 30, 2013

Hi All. I want to know if it can be repotted in winter time.

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greenman28 NorCal 7b/8a

Hello, Fred. Are you in the southern hemisphere?
(I don't see any indication of your zone or location).

I don't advise re-potting Port. afras in the Winter. It can be done, but the recovery will be more taxing on the plant...and it could certainly die if the mix is too wet or the lighting insufficient.

If it's a matter of life or death for the plant, however, an out-of-season re-potting can't hurt.


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Hi Josh. Thanks for your response.
I'm in NZ (Zone 8) Its autumn here at the moment and it still has some very slow growth. It might have stopped now actually !!!
The reason i'm asking is i saw on a succulent info site http://www.highlandsucculents.com/culture_guide.htm
that Portulacaria are actually dormant in summer. I am from SA and know them well in those conditions but over here they do grow much slower. I only noticed some growth
at the start of autumn. I stay up in the mountain and the plants do grow slower up here,than down in the valley.
I grow bonsai and use the gritty mix. I plan to repot it in a training pot with only pumice as a medium. Its in gritty mix at the moment.
I plan to lift it and trim very little roots to fit in the smaller pot. Then bring it inside to recover over winter.
I know they are very tough but still are reluctant to do it but i actually have to......
On the one hand I'm kinda itching and on the other i have to lighten it because its in a very big box that i built for it. I'm moving house over winter and that box is to big to move comfortably.
I'm getting someone over to help me load photos because i am just to stupid :-)

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