Question about Vines and repotting

paulsiu(5a)April 16, 2011

Location: Walnut Creek, CA. This will be a full sun concrete patio with limited space and fenced off by a wooden fence. The problem is that the fence faces out to a public walkway, so joggers and pedestrians walk by often and can see into the patio. Note that there is an existing irrigation system in place and there are already one or two citrus tree in a pot.

One idea is to grow some vines across the fence, but HOA rule does not allow anything to attach to wall permanently. One idea was to setup some planters with caster wheels and attached trellis. The idea is to grow the vine on the trellis and we can still roll the whole planter and trellis away when they need to do maintenance on the fence.

Possible vines includes passiflora, Canary bird vine, and clemantis. Would these grow from a container? How big of a container would you need? Which of the vine require the less pruning and maintenance other than watering?

Secondly, since this is growing out of a container, I imagine that it would need repotting every couple of years. How would one do this when it's attached to the trellis?



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Cant comment on your choice of California vinery but as far as their container-size needs, trust their roots to a container tht suits them, don't go by the growth of the vine itself which might be 5', 10', 20'.....the roots tells the story.
I assume the fence is part of the common elements in a condo development and thus has to be treated like any other part of the corporation's responsibility. But, sometimes where there is a need---such as for privacy and protection of said common elements, you might convince the board to allow you to grow a vine on the fence for privacy with the understanding you will take responsibility to its maintenance.
Are you concerned for safety of person--i.e. would joggers or others pose a problem to security of the premises. In that regard then, you might convince them that something has to be done to ensure your safety and your enjoyment of the property.

Might your unit be the only one in this circumstance or are there others in the same to speak.

Question: does the cement slab of patio pose a problem when the California sun bears down on it. It is generally recognized that all plants should have something to guard against such extremes of heat on their roots. A stone of size can cool the soil of a container and let the plant grow up into the sun. Other than that, gravel or similar material can do the same.
Often, where it doesn't pose a problem to the outside walls, an awning can be affixed to it to give cool shade to such patios where the sun exposure would make the enjoyment of the patio difficult to bear up to.
Sun is one thing.....but sun burn and sun glare being always in the picture is another. An awning can increase the use of the patio for where people can enjoy the great outdoors and be a good advertising for others to take a look at the whole condo devlopment as a place to enjoy ownership. It can also serve as a great way to let plants grow and prosper.

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I believe you can grow anything on the fence, but when they do maintenance, they'll chop it off. I think they'll say that you can always regrow.

Currently, glazed ceramic containers are used. I am not aware that heat was an issue. The current set of citrus trees seems to be growing well as are the other plants. Shade for people are current provided by an umbrella on a pole.


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Not sure if your zone has them, but you could look for annual vines. At least in my zone I can grow morning glory and moon flowers as annual. Then it would be no problem to remove them if needed. Only problem is you would be with out them while you replanted them.

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