Filler for large pots

neuf(5 Indy)April 26, 2014

I am about two weeks from planting annuals in fairly large containers...2' tall X 30" dia. Some larger, some a little smaller. The point is, they take a lot of soil or 5-1-1, etc. for a relatively short growing season. I am told the medium needs to be replaced every year. Even in the best medium, I can't imagine roots of the annuals getting to the bottom of the pot. Is there a good filler for the bottom of the pots that I can spread on the mulched area of my yard and use 5-1-1 for the top foot...or maybe just pine mulch or unscreened 5-1-1?



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johns.coastal.patio(USDA 10b, Sunset 24)

I see that some people put in old stumps, partially rotten wood. From this I learned of the whole "hugelkultur" thing.

It sounds fun. If I had suitable wood I might try it in an oversized pot.

(Actually, I do have a couple inches of [partially] composted woody material at the bottom of my 10 gallon tomato pots. They seem happy.)

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nil13(z21 L.A., CA (Mt. Washington))

For annuals in big pots that don't need all that root depth, you can fill up the pot with all sorts of things. Some people use bricks. Others use empty and capped water bottles, upside down plastic pots, or sheets of styrofoam insulation cut and stacked inside the pot. Logs aren't a bad idea. Whatever you use, just remember that you will most likely have to separate it from the spent potting medium at the end of the season.

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