The 'art' of container trees

LIgreenthumb(7 LI, NY)April 13, 2011

Hi all.

I was quite inspired by Blake's recent discussion with Al about tree aesthetics and pruning when dealing with trees in containers. I know some of this information is in the forums elsewhere, but thought a new thread may spark some good conversations for myself and others.

Not long ago I re-potted a 5yr old plumeria. (I think it's called Maui Gold, but see the link below for a picture of a similar plumeria; photo not taken or posted by me). The growth has picked up over the past few years and I think it is time to carefully consider aesthetics and size. It winters in a sunny room, and retains much of the foliage until very late winter/early spring when the older leaves dry and fall and the ends of the various branches become very active again. Since it has only been in the gritty for a short time (and still recovering), and since I was aggressive on the root pruning (some roots were quite crossed while others encircled the pot a few times). As a side not, the roots looked very white and healthy. I hesitate to do any pruning until much later this year or early next year. I'd appreciate thoughts on how best to shape the plumeria as well as when may be best to allow some recover from re-pot and root pruning. Do any of you winter the plants indoors, and how do you deal with shape and size? Also, what is the smallest cutting that can be successfully re-rooted for sharing?

In addition, I was given 2 key lime 'trees' started in the fall from seed. They are only around 6-8' now, and can certainly be shaped however I need. Sadly, they have been the last on the list to move to the gritty mix but should be there this weekend. I seem to recall from Mike, Al and others about using some vinegar to keep the pH in a good range (as needed). I'd be interested in hearing others comment on how I should craft my long-term plan. I'd like to keep the plant wintered indoors so I'm thinking a growth style akin to bonsai may be ideal.

Finally, I am encouraging others to share their ideas and questions to build on these thoughts.


Here is a link that might be useful: Plumeria Aztec Gold by

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LIgreenthumb(7 LI, NY)

I tried to give appropriate photo credit to "mad plumerian" in the link I listed, but it seems using quotes doesn't work.

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