Container trumpet vine...

cadillactasteApril 29, 2014

I collected an older trumpet vine. I hope to have success with it in a container.

I also am getting into bonsai...and I know ones who have untraditional bonsai with this vine. The thing is...I don't believe I wish to chop it for a bonsai tree. I like the gnarly look of it.

Since potted...I have noticed the live green vein more noticeable on the main trunk. (Which is a good thing). I've also added more soil to the pot and put a stake in the pot to help secure it when the wind blows.

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Here it is staked and wired to not blow in the the base of the vine...sadly you can't see it where I have it up at the top of our waterfall.

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We must not be to far apart. Found your post when looking for info on containering a trumpet vine. How did yours do this 2014 season? Did you get blooms? I garden for hummingbirds and have been long avoiding getting a trumpet vine because of associated perils. But taking the plunge this coming season. Getting one in a 5 g pot already of blooming size.

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