Chicken Manure Pellets in SWC's?

Azjohn(8b)April 24, 2012

Would it be alright to use chicken manure pellets in Swc's? I was thinking of mixing 2 cups in the lower portion of the upper chamber of a 19 gallon container and another cup for the fertilizer strip at the top.

How much powdered eggshell for tomatoes? Would a cup mixed in sufficiently substitute for dolomite? Lastly, can anyone give me guidance on whether or not I should use epson salts, and how much?

Sorry to be a bother. I am 83 and I just don't remember as well anymore. I really have enjoyed this forum, but as I still have 50 years more work to do, I don't get as much time as I would like to study the wonderful insights.

Thanks, John

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John, Any time you add manure, compost or the like into a SWC you are defeating the wicking action. Keep it up and soon you will have a bog that does not wick at all. =( Eggshells, even powdered take forever to break down. The reason we use dolomite lime is is helps defeat the acidity present in the peat moss. Even dolomite takes several months before it is fully available to the plants. I have never used eggshells in a SWC, atleast not that I remember, and my memory isnt too good anymore either! LOL LInda

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2 cups of pellets is not going to make that much of a dfference in the wicking. years of reusing the soil would have a problem. as for the rest what linda said.

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dickiefickle(5B Dousman,Wi.)

Dolomite (garden lime) is less than $ 6 for 40 pounds

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Thanks for the help. Can you suggest where I might get bulk dolomite? I have only seen it in small packages.

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