Pure Kitty Litter?

VGtarApril 24, 2013

I was wondering, instead of the gritty mixes and 5:1:1, does anybody have any experience with pure kitty litter? -If the thing is to get aeration with a material that is able to quickly absorb water, then it seems like the perfect choice, and I'm wondering, why would I also need the granite, bark etc? -Too little water tension?
The Kitty Litter, I'm talking about, is high-fired Danish marine diatomite/kiselgur/moler or whatever you want to call this type of clay (10% volcanic ashes, 30% clay minerals and 60% diatom shells).

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nil13(z21 L.A., CA (Mt. Washington))

I have strawberries growing in pure turface which is calcined clay. If it's high fired it should work fine. I also have strawberries in 2:1 gravel:calcined clay, but they aren't doing as well as the straight calcined clay. But then I am in an arid environment, far more than you are. They are 'to waste' hydroponic cultures, so all the nutrients have to come from the irrigation water. I would say give it a try and if it holds too much water, add some gravel.

i have seen a study that says you should saturate the calcined clay with phosphate before use for better results. They soaked it in water with superphosphate. I haven't done this and haven't noticed a problem, but that doesn't mean a whole lot as my observations have not been rigourous.

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Today, I tried putting a small pot (with holes in the bottom) filled with dry kitty litter into a big saucer filled with water to check it's wicking ability. I didn't expect it, but the water was actually sucked all the way up to the surface of the litter.
I think that this might actually be used in self-watering systems.

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