newbie question about pro mix

njitgradApril 23, 2013

The folks at the veggie forum directed me to this forum. I am looking for a good mix for growing tomatoes in geo pots. I unfortuntely do not have a lot of free time on my hands so I won't be able to mix my own. I've heard that Pro Mix BX would be my best bet but you need to get it at a landscape supply store. Anyone know of a place in Northeast NJ? I am checking out a place near my work today. They are a wholesale and retail fertilizer company. I'm hoping I can get lucky there.

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I actually just found a place that carries it nearby. About $35 for a bale. Is that a reasonable price? Approx how many 15 gallon containers would that fill?

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Well I converted 3.8 cubic feet to gallons and got about 29 gallons. If I have eight 15 gallon containers, does that mean I need 4 bales? Or am I not factoring something in?

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Turns out that the store pulled a bait and switch on me. They don't carry Pro Mix BX (they used to), they only carry Valfei VM-1. How does this compare?

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