Fertilizing pansies

JenWestie(z5 WI)April 11, 2006

Hi All:

Yeah it's pansy time here in WI! So I bought some and potted them up on Sunday. Now I would like to actually keep them healthy and happy and hopefully have them fill out the pot! So I have dutifully watered and am now wondering when/if I should fertlize? All have open blooms and one pot has some chives in it as well. I do have a fish/seaweed fertilizer that I could use. When should I use it and are there signs that a pot needs fertilizer?


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username_5(banned for no reason)

I posted yesterday, but must have not clicked all the way through as my response isn't here.

Oh, well.

Anyway, the abbreviated version of yesterday's post is that pansies are fairly hardy and don't really need to be fed. In the ground that is. In a container a once a month feeding at normal strength with the organic fert you mentioned should do them fine.

Try to avoid any fert that is high in nitrogen as this tends to promote green growth at the expense of flowers.

The chives you have with pansies in one pot should do OK together as far as feeding requirements as both are low need when it comes to feeding. The pansies will require more water than chives to do their best, but chives should be fine with the moist soil pansies want although chives don't require moist soil and do fine in drier conditions. Heck, chives do fine in most any conditions. They are true survivors. Forget about the chives, they take care of themselves! ;-)

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