Warning, Warning, Danger Will Robinson!

Nigella(9a-steamy)January 3, 2006

Microsoft has announced a new threat to all of their Windows. They say they should have a patch by the 10th. See you after then.

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Microsoft Windows is always at risk. Hackers can always find a way in, as they've proven for years. Rather than hide from them, backup regularly onto CD, and don't give into the "computer terrorists". Nigella, your computer has been at risk as long as you've owned it. Why hide now?

Microsoft advises handling this "new" threat this way:

"Users should take care not to visit unfamiliar or untrusted Web sites that could potentially host the malicious code. Additionally, consumer customers should follow guidance on safe browsing."

But hey, isn't this practice a necessity for anyone with internet at anytime? We all feel pretty secure most of the time because we are unaware of the ingenuity of hackers. But the truth is, we're vulnerable all the time.

I won't hide til the tenth, cause I've got things to do. LOL


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BC, I had just heard this on the radio when I posted it. They made it sound really scary, like there were redirects that could hijack your browser from anywhere. I don't know why they did that, the exploitation has been around since the 27th of December, at least. Sorry to freak out on ya'll.

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raintree55(z5 Il)

There is a really useful free tool called ad aware made by lava soft, I run it at least once a week. It will reset your browser if you are hijacked and strip out the malicious code.It really does work well for being free.

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