Do you think the Plant Exchange forum has too many pages?

Nigella(9a-steamy)January 1, 2006

I do. It would be REALLY nice if we had the option to remove a post once the trade has been completed but just shortening the forum would help. When "old-bees" offer things for postage the offer hangs around, getting bumped to the top, forever now. It's kind of sad to keep having to tell people that the offer was already accepted and you don't have any more, to the point where I'm not making any new offers. I end up tossing a LOT of nice cuttings and extras because I can't keep up with ordinary email.

If you agree with the idea of shortening the Exchange, or even if you don't, please go to this post on Suggestions and Comments and chime in. Thanks,

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On another site I'm on, we can "close" the post. We can click a link that adds the word "CLOSED" to the beginning of the title, informing folks that the offer is no longer available. I know a lot of folks just don't take the time to read all the posts on a thread.


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Hi Margaret, When you post, couldn't you say if you don't hear back from me consider the plants all gone.

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