WANTED: Question: ordering potted plant via mail

shic_2006(4a 5a)February 6, 2006

I am ordering three live plants via mail; these are potted plants. I would like to know the method that the companies usually package and ship them. How long does it usually take? Is there a high risk of broken branches and/or other damages?

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The answers to your questions may vary from vendor to vendor. Some vendors are good, some vendors are so-so, and some vendors are bad. There is little risk of damage if the plants are packed well and if the mail carrier doesn't abuse them. Your vendor can answer your first two questions.

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chervil2(z5 MA)

Find out from your vendor the method of shipment. You can usually request faster delivery by paying shipping surcharges. The shipping time is also dependent of the distance between your address and the shipper. For east to west coast shipment I recommend paying higher shipping charges to minimize transit time.

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Some companies may delay shipping and ship when it's best for your zone. This prevents plants from freezing in transit or burning up in the summer. So you might ask them when you can expect shipment.

With most plants, if a stem is broken, it's not a big deal. As long as the roots are good and healthy, the plant will regenerate.

MOST of the plants I've bought thru the mail have been great, wonderfully packaged. A few were DOA and got deader in my gardens. Sometimes the companies replaced them. Sometimes not. And sometimes, I didn't even asked, just tried to remember not to buy from them again. But I do get a lot of my plants from Ebay, and have been greatly pleased. I always check out feedback and deal with reputable sellers.

Good luck with your plants.

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I am sorry, but I must ask if it is DOA, How do you think it will do better, I am not trying to be a smart a$$, But DOA is DOA, Right, I love how it got deader, I just love it. Darn places should not send us dead plant's...I miss talking to you.. :)Anita

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Well, Anita, you know how sometimes it LOOKS dead, but you still have hope, maybe there's a slight, imperceptible pulse there somewhere. I always have hope! If there's just one little inkling of a live root, I know it can rejuvinate itself.

Some places call these plants "dormant". Well, some of them are really DEAD! But I plant anyway, thinking maybe they ARE just dormant and will revive with a little sun, water, love, and a little threat (Grow or ELSE!!!). But sometimes they don't. They just rot away (becoming deader. LOL).

I miss talking with you too, Anita. I got a bunch of new daylilies last year. When I verify that they are who they say they are, we'll have to talk about a trade, OK?

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