Whats the deal with Golden Rod?

cheri_mn_524(zone4 -MN)February 13, 2006

I seem to wonder upon alot of golden rod seeds and plants in peoples lists..

What is up with that.?

Do people realize what it is and what it does to other people.. It would be like me trading nettles, I have millions of them in my field.but I am not going to share it just to put it on my list... Is there some magical power this plant has ??

Please help me understand....

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Help me understand...what do you think that it is , and what do you think that it does to other people?

You need to educate yourself to the many wonderful aspects (and myths) of Solidago...

Here is a link that might be useful: Here's a start....

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gardeningwithbaby(zone 4 NE)

Funny, when I first read the post I thought, What is Golden Rod?? Is it something like the golden rule??

Here in Nebraska Goldenrod is the state flower, so it is well liked and a symbol of our state. I researched and found that it is also the state flower of Kentucky.


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beth_b_kodiak(zone 5a)

Thanks for the good link Nelson. I personally love goldenrod both along the roadside and in the garden. I have won ribbons at County Fairs with arrangements featuring Goldenrod and I have ordered goldenrod seeds from wildflower nurseries.
I am curious what makes you think it is a negative. My two main contenders for unwelcome plants are Halls Honeysuckle and trumpet vine (Bigonia Radicans) I'll take goldenrod anyday over either of those.
Anyway Cheri, the great thing about gardening is the diversity. Lots and lots and lots of choices. BB

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It is tough on the allergies, but really attracts butterflies. It is also a little unusual looking. I used to pick if for my mother when I was a little girl (to my fathers dismay, as he would get all puffy with allergies and the plants would be thrown away). Puffy or not, I cherish every flower or weed my 4 year old brings in the house. I havent seen much in Kentucky, which is where I live now, but it is the state flower (I believe the state bird is the mosquito, lol. We have plenty of those) People sometime want seeds that are considered a weed in some states and are rare in other states. Case and point, I would love some Halls honeysuckle, will probably buy some this year. My hubbys grandmother grows trumpetvine and loves it. It doesnt work for BB. It just depends on the individual.

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Goldenrod does not cause allergies. It is a myth.
Ragweed which has little inconspicous flowers is the allergy culprit.
I am allergic to ragweed. I once had one growing in some plants, and I pulled it out not knowing what it was while it was blooming. Oh my! I wanted someone to shoot me I had such a bad allergy attack.
It blooms the same time as Goldenrod. Goldenrod has showy blooms so it got the bad rap. If you Google/Yahoo 'Goldenrod Allergy Myth' you will get lots of hits.

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana(zone 5/6)

Remy is right...it's not the goldenrod, but the ragweed that is the real problem. I have several friends and neighbor's who thought it was the goldenrod, until I explained it was actually the ragweed.

I'm looking forward to trying a couple of new (to me) goldenrod varieties this season.


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Not sure about it being a myth, because I have had serious allergy problems for 35 years and have been tested many times. Some of the things I'm most allergic to are ragweed, dust, grass, dogs, cats, and goldenrod just to name a few. I do think goldenrod is very pretty and have considered buying one of the dwarf varieties. It grows wild all around my house, so I figure one or two more plants won't kill me.

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I grew the Texas tall variety last year. I do not know about other varieties but I know mine did not cause allergies. I am growing it again for privacy  mine grew 12 ft. The only problem I had was that it is invasive, so I removed it & it is now in a pot. I will deadhead it this year before it seeds. I would like to trade it, but my concern is another grower might not prevent the invasiveness as I did.

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pitimpinai(z6 Chicago)

I grow 'Wichita Mountain', 'Fireworks', 'Crown of Rays' & 'Golden Fleece'. They all are beautiful. Bees absolutely love them, especially 'Wichita Mountain'. I don't see anything wrong with them. Someone I know grew one that sent runners all over the yard. It must be canadensis. The flowers were very pretty, though. Must be the same kind found along roadside.

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