Does Anyone Trade Plants for Other Things?

happyseed(7)March 1, 2008

Hi Everyone, Does anyone trade plants for anything other than plants. I found one site but there doesn't seem to be anything going on. I read one ladies postings that stated she would like to trade for postcards of various places for plants but then lost the internet due to power failure. Lucky, I have also worked out a trade for plant stakes. Personally I don't have many plants right now and would love to do this. I apologize if I have posted to the wrong place but you don't learn if you don't ask. I would appreciate hearing from some of you. Thanks, Sonja (Happyseed)

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marcia1(4/5 WI)

HI, I always am on the look-out for neat rocks (crystal, geodes, serpentine etc-and those flat rate boxes are So nice. I will be having daylilies to trade, also bits/pieces of other hardy perennials.
The trading wouldn't happen for a couple of months-we still have a few weeks of winter.
Heading to record of 90 inches of snow..yee ha

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gailwill(Zone 6 TN)

what things do you have to trade? I have a greenhouse full of herbs, perennials and annuals. I also have a few tropicals. I'll trade for growing/gardening things or books. I am looking for herbal crafts books. Let me know what you are looking for.

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There is an exchange page for such trades. I will trade my plants for potting soil and Miracle Grow fertilizer which I always need.

Here is a link that might be useful: Garden Exchange

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wishnforspring(z5 Upstate NY)

I have traded for a lot of different things for my plants.
Plant markers,books,pots,tags.. I am looking for named daylilies all the time so if you would like to trade for amything I have maybe we can trade -my list needs updating and we have snow here too in NY-again!

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana(zone 5/6)

Personally I don't have many plants right now and would love to do this.
I'm guessing that if you walked around your property a bit, that you would likely discover things to trade, even if it was just cuttings for other cuttings, or other things. If you are unsure of what you might have, you can post at the Name That Plant Forum. Those folks are good over there at naming things often from just a good description, though pics really do help, if you can provide them. They are a friendly bunch and have been helping me a great bit here lately.


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I also will be willing to trade plants for other things, and they don't always have to be garden related. I've traded for fabric, aquarium supplies, candles, chimes, whatever. Mostly depends on what is being offered and what they want.


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I'm game, i have gem stones, and novels, and bad dogs(just kidding about the dog-i think), interested in hardy zone 5, no day lillies or iris.

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