Need recs for Italian Cypress alternatives

snittybittyApril 12, 2012

Hi, all.

My garden is being landscaped and, it's too long of a story, but I don't have much say in the design. We have a new planter box (without drainage to the ground, just in planter, but connected to drip irrigation). The proposal is for either Italian Cypress or Weeping Cypress on both ends (to frame a set of windows). NOT my style. Too manicured and stately. I'm more of a wisteria hanging over a window kind of girl or jasmine overgrowing a fence. Any suggestions for other kind of plants than the Cypress that have smaller root systems, require less water, and grow somewhat higher?



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tapla (mid-MI z5b-6a)

The size of the root system is governed in large part by the size of the top. A plant won't grow more roots than it needs to support the top, and CAN'T grow more top than the roots can support. ..... pretty much the same story on the ht, too - most plants will grow as tall as you let them, if you're able to keep them healthy ..... and no matter what gets planted, if it's perennial (trees and shrubs are perennials, too), it's going to require regular root work/maintenance, or it may as well be considered disposable.


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