What to do about trading issues, packaging trades.

girlsingardens(zone 5 NE)April 12, 2008

I recently set up a trade for some bulbs and sedums of mine for some different plants. Because we have been having such odd weather (blizzards and high winds and snow on the ground) I won't be able to send until Tuesday. I got my partners box in the mail today and there was dirt coming out of the box . I opened it up and the plants were all bare root ( to be expected) but were just bundled together in groups . Now one bundle did have a dried out, I assume that it was once wet single paper towel around it. Also the box was 1/4 full of plants and no padding around the plants so they were jostled and broken. The plants were all dried up and the roots were breaking off. I am trying to soak them to see if I can liven them up. Also the plants were not labeled as to which was which and with 6 different plants it is hard to tell which should have been what.

I have been away from shipping and trading plants for a while, but this was dissapointing. Is this normal for trades to arrive like they did? I always wrap the roots in wet paper towels and saran wrap, then newspaper and give them plenty of cushioning with news papers. I am not sure how to handle this one.


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I always send plants packaged the way you do yours. Sounds like the person you traded with was either careless or new to trading and didn't know the ropes. Sorry that your trade was disappointing, and hope that the plants will bounce back and that you can get them identified. I would probably send an email to the trader politely explaining the condition of the plants with a reminder of the best way to package them in the future and hope that maybe they will offer to send replacements. If it's bad enough, don't forget the "Rate and Review" board.


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Hi Stacie,
I just made a post recently with photo w/explanations album on Photobucket to help people since I've been asked so many times about how to pkg. plants. I hope people do check it out.
Maybe the person didn't know. If a person seems newer to me I ask they know how to send plants. I don't think anyone should be insulted by that. I'm always happy to learn new tricks on how to do things better. : )

Here is a link that might be useful: Preparing Plants for Shipping

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girlsingardens(zone 5 NE)


I sent her a link to your post about how to send plants. I know that different plants will be sent different, I am sending hens and chicks, sedums and some bulbs. So wrapping them in wet paper towels won't be the best idea because of rot so will wrap the plants in newspaper.I will put the sedums with some of the dirt in a zip lock baggie with holes in it to let out moisture. I just wish more people would read your tutorial and label their plants.


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aachenelf z5 Mpls

I once did a trade for some tomatoes (the fruit, not plants) and oranges from Florida (silly me). The PO called me before they delivered the box because it was leaking so bad. There was no packing what-so-ever around those things when they were shipped and the oranges beat the heck out of the tomatoes in transit. Every single one was mush. Why I ever agreed to this trade in the first place is beyond me.


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plant-one-on-me(MI 5b)

Just curious, did you contact the shipper and explain the condition of the plants on arrival? Did she offer to replace them?

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