saw pesticide offer

marie_ga(z7b/8GA)April 21, 2007

Gee! You are right Sue, things have changed around here. Years ago she would have been sent to Disney World, literally. I hope like she said, that it was just a dumb mistake. Some people just do not use common sense. Maybe she did not read the rules or thought she was doing some people a favor. I just know I was astounded when I read it. Well, I hope nobody bought any. As stated, it cannot be sold in some states, and that is just scary. Well, I feel a little depressed and sad about this. What is it with all the pop ups and spam? It used to be so clean. Where is all the love and comroderie? It used to be warm:( Well, I am going to hang around for awhile, maybe this is just a fluke of bad taste! Read the rules people! Spike would cry!

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It is still that way, this is the first post I have seen like this and I think it will be removed soon, don't be depressed:) and most people that have been trading for awhile KNOW the post office's rules and regulations (what else do you have to do but read their notices while you are standing in line to mail a box?) And if she did mail this to anyone, she can get in BIG trouble for shipping something illegal. I know they go through some boxes, just from some I have gotten that have been retaped and people that have recieved telling me things about the boxes shape.
This is such a wonderful site (well the members make it wonderful) one bad egg cannot change the way things are. the pop ups can be a pain, but I just think about how that is the way they can make this site free and it makes me feel better.

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Micke - Thanks! It has just been awhile since I have been here. I am a theraputic foster mom and full time student, not to mention 3 biological children, I decided not to trade for two years due to the ailments of my two year old foster child. We are in the adoption phase now and he goes to daycare 3 days a week to receive therapy since his health is currently stable , so my time is a little more free and I have always enjoyed trading here so thought I would try it again... I am sure that once I get to know everyone again and hopefully see some old faces, that would be nice. Thanks! :)

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