Garden Box on patio - too full & extra fertilizer?

chrisr77April 25, 2012

I built a container box that is 4.5' x 3' for my patio. It has a bottom, and I was able to add almost 1' of soil (mixed potting soil and garden soil). I have 6 tomato plants and 6 pepper plants in the box. It's around 90 gallons of soil so I know I'm pushing the space a bit (Did I mention I put some green onions and cilantro around one of the edges?

#1 -Is it worth even experimenting with, or will the box be too overcrowded? I will gladly sacrifice a couple of each if need be.

#2 - My soil is partially fertlized (potting soil is 1/2 the mix), and I ammended the top 4-5" of soil with 12-10-5 with appropriate amount. Since my planter is on the full side, would any of you recommend watering with a very diluted fertilizer once/wk as well?


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dickiefickle(5B Dousman,Wi.)

Way too croweded,try 3 plants of each

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