Anyone in cold/wet climates growing Delosperma Hardy Ice Plant?

crackingtheconcrete(7a)April 18, 2011

I fell in love with ice plants in CA and after I moved have ordered and managed to unwittingly kill them a few years back

I have ordered 3 kinds of ice plants for my zone and would like to try growing them in containers again. I'm trying a strawberry pot and was thinking a shallow bowl?

Anyone have any success growing these and want to share soil/container tips?

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I have grown Delosperma nubigenum here on the coast of California. It makes an excellent ground cover, preventing weed growth and blooming like a yellow carpet. It does NOT tolerate walking on it. It spreads readily when planted in plugs, but needs room to spread, so I would not plant it in a strawberry jar. A shallow bowl should work well. Al

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Thanks, Al!! I actually had just put some in a strawberry pot a few days ago, and am waiting for more to come via mail order..I'll get those OUT of the strawberry pot and into a flatter container! Glad I asked.:)

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christinmk z5b eastern WA

I think the trick to growing Delosperma in wet climates is to give them super shap drainage. Mine is in a mostly gravel spot by the driveway. Perhaps it might be a good idea to incorporate some grit or gravel into the soil of your pot too...

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I use ordinary commercial potting soil, - peat/pearlite/this and that - and if ice plant gets started in my containers, it can turn into a weed, choking out what ever else I'm trying to grow.

busy pulling it out by the handful these days after it overwintered in the greenhouse. pretty stuff, in other environments.

Here is a link that might be useful: like to what I've got

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Thanks, CMK and David..those were good things to know.. I really want these to work for me. David, I remember how much these spread in CA, at least.. ppl had entire "lawns" of them.. and I loved it..LOL Maybe b/c it was so new to me I thought it was brilliant to have it everywhere, but could see how it could be come weedy in correct environment.

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