Ideas For Flowering Hedge?

livingdedgrrl(z5 OH)April 28, 2009

Hello. Happy Spring! =D

Last fall, my neighbor cut down all of his monster pine trees along our property line (thank goodness!!). My house sits higher on a hill than his does, and it also sits farther forward, so without those trees, things look pretty bare, not to mention that now there's no privacy buffer between our houses (and now you can actually see onto my backporch from the road). I'm not much of a wooden fence person. My neighbor and I get along very well, so I certainly don't want him to think that I'm putting up a "spite fence". But I do have young children and a little more privacy would be nicer, especially from the road.

I would like to put in a hedge or row of shrubs of some kind on my side of the property lin . I think that would make both of our houses look nice. I don't know much about shrubs/hedges/trees, so could you give me some ideas? I would really like something that flowers all summer or something with variagated foliage - anything that's pretty to look at all summer and not just plain green, if possible. They don't have to be tall, but if they are tall growers, that's OK. I have quite a length to hedge, so I could even alternate different kinds.

I live in Ohio. My zone is technically Zn 5 at the top of the Ohio Valley, but I'm really right on the border of 4 and 5. The area is full sun. (I have already begun to re-balance the soil from the pine trees).

Thank you. =D

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana(zone 5/6)

Hi livingdedgrrl,

This side of this forum doesn't get much action but possibly others will post too.

I don't know of anything that really blooms all summer, so alternating things does sound like a good idea. I would assume that you would want something fairly fast growing, right? You might check out the link below, and maybe do a search on hedge, or hedge sun.

Have you maybe thought about some tall grasses?

Or Bamboo!...You might check out the Bamboo Forum to see if there is anything tall that is hardy in your area/zone. I know lots of then can be invasive though, so that is to be considered.


Here is a link that might be useful: Shrub Forum

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Annabelle Hydrangea does ok in full sun for me and blooms a long time for a shrub. I came across the link below when I was looking for zone information on it. There's a pink form now that looks interesting. The reblooming fragrant lilac sounds like a winner too.

Lonicera Sempervirens (Coral Honeysuckle) is a very long blooming VINE if you want to consider putting up something for it to climb on. 'Alabama Crimson' is a good cultivar with bright red flowers that attract hummingbirds. This type of honeysuckle is native and not invasive like Japanese honeysuckle.
Your soil will likely be acidic because from the pine trees but sometimes that's a good thing. Blueberries might be happy there.

Here is a link that might be useful: Reblooming Shrubs - Plant Hunter

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