Black ti? What do you think?

cynthiainsouthflaApril 2, 2012

Hi, guys, I post on the Florida forum sometimes but thought I would ask this more specific container question on this forum.

I have a white cement pot that I inherited which has been fully cleaned and is ready to go. I want to put it on a corner of my driveway to soften the edge, but that area gets direct sun, which can be brutal here in south Florida in the summer.

I want to take advantage of the white pot and place a large dark plant and contrasting plants for the color contrast. Some nurseries have advised black ti, which, according to them, can take the heat the other ti varieties can't. I'd love to try it but am a little dubious. Does anyone have an opinion? I'd appreciate it.

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DaMonkey007(10b - Miami)

Hi Cynthia,
If I'm not mistaken, there are 2 "Black" Cordylines...the black magic and button maybe? Anywho, I don't personally grow any, but I do have a friend who has 2 black magics in an in-ground arrangment. They are in full sun, and doing very well. They get HUGE, so I hope that pot is pretty big, LOL! I know that they have some drought tolerance, but you would probably have to keep up with the watering in a pot, in full blast So Fla sun. Nice looking plant though.


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I did not know there were two. These are black magic, I believe.

What are you potting down there in Miami?

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DaMonkey007(10b - Miami)

Good. The other one isn't nearly as attractive!

I've got quite a few things going in the pots. Tomatos, Peppers, Eggplants, Citrus, Strawberries, Herbs, Various Annuals, and a few neat specimens like my Alocasia Amazonica! I don't have a whole lot of yard space for edibles, what little there is is reserved for the palms, trees, shrubs, decorative beds, the permenant stuff. The pots end up out by the pool. Tough life right? Lounging by the pool all day in the Florida sun....I wish that I was one of them sometimes!!

How about you?


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I have a number of containers tucked up under my overhang on my patio. Most of them can't take the heat.

I have a white bird of paradise out in the corner of the patio, which has spotted crotons in with it and purple queen and margarita potato vine for color. I also have the spotted crotons with orange lantana and ice plants on the patio in the sun.

The new container won't even have the slight screen that the patio screen gives them.

I don't have any edibles except some cilantro and some rosemary, just pretties. :)

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