Ever regretted Bishops weed

llbean(z5 MI)April 30, 2007

Hi. I am getting ready to make a trade for some var. bishops weed.. I was told by a very nice woman that it is a bad choice due to the invasiveness. Is this a common problem?


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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana(zone 5/6)

I have read 'bad' things about it, but was noticing at a friends house yesterday (where I mow) that hers is just not doing well. She has had it for years, and I was hoping to maybe get some starts when hers 'took off' as I've read about.

My guess would be that it would just depend upon how well it liked where it was planted, and/ or how much room you gave it, or wanted it to fill.

I've always liked the looks of it in mass plantings shown on gardening shows...where everything is just perfect.


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It's a wonderful plant on it's own but be prepared for it to take over if you put it in a bed. I pull half of mine out every spring. It's pretty but I wish I wouldn't have put it where I did! It makes a great ground cover or erosion stopper, just not a good specimen plant in my opinion..

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It's a great spreader. I had it on the north side of a home several years ago, and in two years it beautifully filled the entire bed. Fortunately that bed was surrounded by sidewalk.

Now that I am doing gardening professionally, I just completed a job last week that included containing it. She had it planted in a shady area, and it had expanded so much that we had to reclaim a 35 foot long strip of lawn, about two feet wide. This wasn't cheap for her since I had to dig, and break up all the clumps of soil to remove ALL the runners. Even a tiny piece of root, will sprout. To hopefully contain it, we installed a sturdy barrier edging that you pound into the ground. I put it 5 inches deep. Hopefully, that will at least slow BW down.

BW spreads by underground runners, VERY prolifically, especially in shade and moist soil.

It is lovely, but be certain you can contain it.

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wishnforspring(z5 Upstate NY)

BAd, Bad,plant!!

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came with the house....

back in 1979...

STILL trying to get RID of it...


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