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dougnjess(z5 IN)May 23, 2006

I just wanted to let everyone know that I have had my baby. He was born May 4th in the afternoon. We had him by cesarean, and he weighed 8lb. 8oz, was 21 in. long, and has a beautiful head full of hair. We named him Zachary. I thought I would update those of you that I have recently traded with. I can start digging in another 4 weeks!! I can't wait!


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canna_lady(z9 texas)

Congrats on your little bundle of joy !


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sammiandfargo(z6 PA)


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tracyl(zone 6 IL/IN border)

Congrats!!!!!!! If its your first baby there is a wonderful book called the first year. You can get it at any book store. We called it our bible the first year. Good luck and enjoy. The only words of wisdom I can give you is to sleep when the baby sleeps or you will never get any rest. I did not listen to this and was totally exausted all the time. Hold that baby as much as you can because they sure grow fast. Mine is 3 now and it seems like I just had her yesterday.

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mamcc(z7/8 NC)

Congratulations. Tracy has good words of wisdom. Enjoy every minute, even when you are dead tired because the time will go by so fast. My baby just turned 29! I don't know where the time went - I feel like she should still be 7.

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Jean Hidden

Congratulations!!!! They are so sweet when they are little.
(and I suppose still sweet when they get bigger - hahaha) But they grow up fast (it seems)!

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northtexasgirl(z8 FTW)

Congrats on the new little one!! Cherish every second as babies grow toooo fast. :)


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flowerpower326(z6 nj)

God bless you and the baby! I am so surprised that you have time to post on GW! LOL! Good luck with him, give him much love as he'll be big like my baby is now-10 years old! Also if you don't have it, get the book I Love You Forever by Robert Munsch- it is still my favorite and I cry whenever I read it.

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wolflover(z7 OK)

Congratulations to you. I love the name Zachary, which is my nephew's name. I second the book I Love You Forever. It is a great book.

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romando(9b/10a , sunset 17)

The I Love You Forever book is evil (just kidding; it really will make you cry, and not just because of whacked out hormones and lack of sleep). Really, it's not fair, I've decided: When they're newborns, so tiny and helpless, is really when they NEED to be held, but it's all we can do as new moms to try and figure out how to put them DOWN so we can get something done! But then later (like NOW for me; my baby's 14 months) when you feel normal again and really WANT to hold and snuggle them, they're too independant and want to be climbing/destroying/breaking/eating everything and they don't want to be snuggled anymore....

Take lots of pictures, and write everything down. You really think there's no possible way you'll forget _____ happening, but you do. You can't get this time back! Just love them.


Amanda 'romando'

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