hummingbird container plants

karen_tennessee(7a)April 25, 2012

I have three pots 13" and would like suggestions on common flowering plants that attract hummingbirds; something I can get at home depot. I really want just single plants for each container. I checked the humming bird forum, but they where a little over my head in plant selection. I'm not crazy about petunias. What tubular type ( I know they like them) plants can I have that will look good in a single planting. Can I use the red salvia that I see at H.D. or is it a special type of salvia hummingbirds are attracted to. Any suggestions for a simple gardener.



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I think that the ones which come up here like the vining honeysuckle, but that doesn't sound like an ideal plant for you. What specifically made you feel over your head - it wasn't the Latin names for the plants, right? That's the forum I would have gone to if I didn't take the lazy route and put feeders out, too, in addition to our landscape plants which are hummer-helpful.

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Get a nice red variety, and they'll come. 13" pots will restrict you to smaller ones though, but that's fine.


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Just some easy to get plants I can think of:
Sedum 'Autumn Joy', many Salvias,Dahlia,Monkey flower (Mimulus cardinalis),Nasturtium,Nicotiana,Penstemons,Ajuga,Bee Balm,Begonia,Astilbe,Canna,Lobelia,Columbine,Coral bells,Delphinium,Foxglove,Fuchsias,Geranium,Impatient,Gaura...I am sure there is many more.
All of these are easy to grow.

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Forgot to say that I have seen all of the above for sale in HD

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Ohiofem(6a Ohio)

Hummingbirds are attracted to most red flowers. I've seen them around my mixed hanging basket planters with the usual choices, including impatiens, fuschia, angel wing begonias, million bells, lobelia, angelonia, salvia, and my favorite, cuphea. Just read the plant labels and you'll see a lot of choices. They don't need to have a particular shape.

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I have to second the hibiscus. Mine is hardy and in the ground though, and very big. Rina has a good list going.

I think an observation I would like to point out is height may make a difference. I rarely see them buzzing around below waist height. It may be just because we have allot of cats in our area. So maybe think about putting your choice of plants on a stand or table

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Ohiofem(6a Ohio)

If you can put up a hummingbird feeder that will get them coming back regularly to your yard. Nothing fancy is required. I just use the Perky Pet with bee guards. I read that they remember from year to year where the food is and will return to the same neighborhood. In my area of southwest Ohio they have already arrived even though we've had near freezing weather. It will be a month before I get blooming flowers, but they're already building nests where the food is.

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