If maple tree sprouts were food......

sproutlinda(6)May 30, 2008

If maple tree sprouts were food......i could end world hunger, with just the ones in my flower beds! it has been an awesome year for the bountiful helicopters, & all of the millions of elm tree sprouts!

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LOL im having the same with my silver maple tree seeds. there every were, n growing every were! i just gave a few growing trees away to at friend. still need to dig up more i didnt notice growing in my taller plants from last year.

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yes, it is amazing how proliferous they are! very determined little trees!

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i know the feeling!! they are EVERYWHERE you dont want them to be!! that's for sure!! in my winter sowing containers, my 18 cell deep containers, man. these guys just go everywhere!! pretty little things, but i just don't want them there!! LOL

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yes, I keep pulling them out, seems like a waste. Too bad my other plants do not reproduce like that! I will be plucking till next year!

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i try to give them away. i was just talking to a lady who paid over 20 bucks for one maple tree! i told her i coulda gave her some for free!!
maybe we could pot them n sell them lol.

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