HAVE: To My Traders - I've Been in the Hospital

butterflychaser(z7)May 20, 2006

If I have a trade with you and you haven't received my end, I'm sorry. I've been in the hospital having emergency kidney surgery for the last 8 days.

The doctor wasn't sure he could save my kidney, which was filled with infection and a big yeast mass containing several stones. The only way to treat it was to operate, which they did on Mon and Tues., two very painful surgeries. I finally came home yesterday, but with the pain and the drugs, I'm pretty useless, just lying around much of the time, blissfully unconscious much of the time.

For the next two weeks, I'm not supposed to do anything at all but lie/sit around and sleep. The incision has to heal on its own (no stitches) so I'm not even supposed to bend. If I owe you plants, it could be 6 to 8 weeks before I can dig them.

My sister has been here with me, at the hospital and at home, and when I can think better, she may help me send out any trades I have outstanding. I have mailed most of them, as I'm usually pretty prompt, knowing the uncertainty of my health. But I may have missed one or two of you. If so, please contact me to remind me. And maybe my sis can dig your plants Mon or Tues.

Soon, very soon, I'm going to be better than I've been in years. The doc managed to clean out my kidney and it looks clear. So I shouldn't have anymore kidney problems once this all heals. I'm rather excited to finally be free of the pain and the disruption to my life.

If I owe you, don't hesitate to contact me immediately while my sis is here to do the digging. And thank you so much for your patience and understanding.


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Wow, girl, sorry to hear about your health issues! I am glad you will have a good outcome.
I wanted to let you know that those tiger lilies you sent me last year are doing great!

(I have traded with NancyAnn several times. If you haven't traded with her before and have an outstanding trade, do not worry, she will get you your plants!)

Take care, and REST!!


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Nancy Anne, I'm sorry your health issues had to come to surgery but if it takes care of all of it you will be much better off. Enjoy your few weeks of rest, read up on plant magazines and watch all the Home and Garden show you can stand. ;-) Take care of yourself!

All of the plants I got from you are doing great too and I have to agree with Sally, you're a wonderful trader and will follow thru.


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Well heck...I do not think we have traded but best wishes for a speeeeeedy recovery!


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irish_rose_grower(z7 LI NY)

I'm so glad you are home from the hospital. Please get well soon. I need your address, I'm emailing you.

Feel better

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Hey Nancy!
I am so sorry to hear you have been in the hospital but am glad kidney stones are not part of your future. Make sure you follow the doctors instructions and get well and don't rush it! I know you will want to be out in your garden doing something and am glad your sis is with you.

All the best to you. Wish I could do something to help you but you are being thought of by me and many!

Take care you!


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lynnsherbs(4 Minnesota)

Nancy Anne, you don't owe me any plants. Just wanted to send you best wishes for a full recovery.


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Thank you all for your best wishes. I've been in so much pain and so tired. Thank goodness for "good drugs". I hope within a week to be off the drugs because they make me so useless. I can't do much else than sleep, but at least when I'm sleeping, I feel no pain.

My incision finally sealed itself overnight so it's not draining anymore. What a mess that was. I'm feeling much better today, but just so tired. My little sister is here babying me, and I'm gonna miss that when I'm finally well. LOL But I honestly can't wait to get well enough to even care about the weeds growing outside right now. In a week, I'm sure I'll be fighting the impulse to go pull those nasty buggers. For now, I'll just sleeeeeeep...

Thank you all for thinking of me.


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mamcc(z7/8 NC)

I wish you a full and speedy recovery. God bless you.


ps you don't owe me any plants. And don't worry about the weeds. They can wait until you are better

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I tried to call you when I had a chance but the phone was busy.I will try again today on my lunch break.
Hope your feeling better :0)

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Hi ((((NancyAnn)))),
Big Warm Hug's For You:)Anita

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Haven't traded with you before but best wishes! Kara

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irish_rose_grower(z7 LI NY)

Please let me know how you are feeling. I'm wishing you a speedy recovery and hope your feeling better.

take care

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Hi Maureen, thank you for asking. I am doing much better today. I still tire easily and my kidney still hurts if I overdo it. And it doesn't take much to overdo it right now. But I'm not sleeping my life away anymore. I'm up and about. I even went to our family reunion today for a couple of hours. It did wear me out and I crashed when I got home, but I had a great time.

I'm beginning to eye the weeds outside, but I don't have the strength to even think about yanking a few. I figure in another week, someone will have to tie me to a chair to keep me out of my gardens. LOL Right now, my dog Sam and my cat Dude are enjoying all the extra attention they're getting since I can't be gardening. They're going to be spoiled by the time I'm up and good as new.

I'm really excited about the new life I'll have. I gave up so many things over the years as I got sicker and began experiencing more and more pain. I've gained so much weight. And I can't wait to get back to walking 6 miles a day and get this weight off and get my muscles and joints shaped up. I'll be able to go dancing and caving and hiking and all the things I used to do. I will really have a whole new life, with a new appreciation for health and life. You just can't imagine how grateful I am to my urologist for recognizing and correcting the problem after years of seeing quacks who didn't know a kidney stone from diverticulosis. Life just seems so brand new to me now. The possibilities are just endless. It will be amazing to wake up each day WITHOUT persistent chronic pain. I'm just so excited for the future!


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irish_rose_grower(z7 LI NY)

HI NancyAnn.

Here's a get well card for you:

So glad your starting to feel better. It's a blessing that you found that doctor. And it will be great to start doing the things you want, like walking 6 miles a day. Your inspiring me to start walking more :-)
And you will probably feel like a new person when you don't have that chronic pain. What did they think you had all this time? Diverticulitis? don't worry about the weeds too much now. When you have your strength back you'll have your work cut out for you:-)

Have a great summer

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Yes, Maureen, all these years the doctors dismissed my pain as diverticulosis AT THE SAME TIME that they're treating me for persistent kidney infections. I asked one of them if I could have kidney stones. And I was told, "Oh, hon, if you had kidney stones, you'd KNOW it! You'd be in ER instead of here."

Two years ago, I insisted that the source of the pain be found. And the doc ordered a CT scan, which showed the stones (in both kidneys). He told me they were nothing to worry about and that all my pain was from diverticulosis--eat more fiber and learn to live with it.

I carried that same CT to my urologist a month or so ago and asked him to show me the diverticulosis. He looked thru all the xrays and then said, "I can't. I don't see any. Your colon looks normal." He said if he'd seen that CT scan two years ago, he would NOT have told me to ignore the kidney stones. They were rather large and should have been dealt with then. Thank God, I found someone who can actually read an xray! I don't think my other doc even looked at the actual xray, just went by the radiologist report. The urologist looked at all the xrays BEFORE ever looking at the report. He said a good doc always reads the xrays himself first before checking the radiologist report.

Thank you for the beautiful card, Maureen. I'm getting stronger each day. And I have plans to get outside later this week and start tackling a few of the easier weeds. Wish we'd get a good soaking rain first. I can't even see some of my sidewalks now. And many of my daylilies are blooming under Johnson grass. I gotta get those weeds out so I can see my bloomers. Wanna come help?? A little weedin' party at my place? LOL


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msjacki(z7 TN)

Hey there!!

I am so glad I found this post! I had to replace my computer last year and ALL my phone numbers and emails were on it......and we lost touch!

I just sent you an email. It's GREAT that you are feeling better. Take care and let's get together soon.


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Hi Jacki! I emailed you back. I hope you can come for a visit. We had so much fun the last time you were here.

I'm doing much better now. In fact, today I was able to get out in the gardens and begin weeding. What a chore it's going to be, but it's good to get dirty!

I'm up and about, so anytime you wanna come visit, I think I'm ready. So come on over. We'll hit some nurseries, visit my neighbor Shirley and see her gardens, and you can dig some plants here to replenish your gardens. It's just so good to hear from you again!


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