How do you package up small seedlings??

kwyet1(z6 CT)May 1, 2009

...I have traded seeds and plants, but have never done do you properly package them up for mailing???



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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana(zone 5/6)

Hi kwyet1,

Let me first say that that when a member says seedlings I found they can be all sorts of sizes. Some, to me, were actually more like mature plants, though the member referred to them as seedlings since they had reseeded themselves.

IMHO, it is best to do them just the same as any other plants. Wash most all of the soil off of the roots, wrap the roots in moist paper toweling, or toilet paper, or well saturated newspaper. Then enclose the root part only in a plastic bag, and twist the bag tight around the moist roots and tape it well. Then wrap/roll it in some newspaper, box, add whatever additional packing is necessary so it won't bounce around, add your note, and close her up.

It the seedlings are small enough they could be slid down into a toilet paper roll, or if they are longer one can use 2 tubes taped together, or a tube like from plastic wrap, or waxpaper.

Of course the bigger the seedlings the better to pack, and the stronger they will be once they arrive at their new home. I recently received in some seedlings that were maybe 4"-6". They were packed as I described and have settled in well here for me.

If you have a collection of smaller sturdy boxes, and are just mailing the seedlings themselves, they will likely be light weight, and there is no need to spend $4.95 for a 1 LB Priority Box.

If your package is under 13 OZ, it can go as First Class, which I have been told is just as fast as Priority...2-3 days...of course there is no guarantee mailing them either way.

HERE are the new First Class rates that go into effect May 11, 2009.
For a Parcel it is $1.22 for the first OZ, and then 17¢ for each additional OZ up to and including 13 OZ. The max one would pay then for a First Class Parcel/box would be $3.26.

If you see yourself doing much trading and shipping of plants, or for that matter even seeds, it is so handy to have a postal scale. They are available cheap on eBay (about $20 including postage). With a postal scale, one knows the exact amount of postage needed on bubble envelopes for seeds, and also what is the most economical way to mail plants...either First Class, by the pound Priority, or Flat Rate Priority.


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kwyet1(z6 CT)

..Thanks for all the info Sue...the 'seedlings' I'm referring to are tiny right's just that I have a 'bazillion' of them and it just breaks my heart to throw my little babies away! I was looking for some other option and wondered if 'trading seedlings' was even practical. I will have to give it more thought. Thanks again,

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Hi Linda,what are the seedlings if you don't mind me asking.I've always been open to trading smaller plants and mailing them in a padded envelope..Debbie

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