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utahgardening(UT Z5)May 6, 2008

Please forgive me if this question has been asked or answered before... but... when responding to a post for free plants or bulbs for postage... what is the exact procedure?

Are we supposed to mail a box or bubble envelope (like when doing seeds, so the person has a container to mail stuff back to us in?) or just a plain envelope with the correct postage amount?

Also, are we supposed to mail cash for the amount that the postage will be, or a check, or a money order or just loose stamps or metered postage? What do most traders prefer?

I have traded seeds before and respoded to free sasbe offers, but I am new at the plant trading and just wanted to make sure I am doing everything right. Hopefully I will have some plants to trade soon!

Thanks to everyone for their help. I enjoy the sense of community that this gardenweb offers!



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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana(zone 5/6)

Hi Karly,

Welcome to Garden Web, and the Plant Exchange. I don't recall anyone asking but it is a good question.

First...No, you don't send the container that the plants or bulbs will come back to you in. The sender provides that, and often it is the free boxes provided by the Post Office.

Most members, most of the time want, or require the postage be provided b4 the plants are shipped. Occasionally a member might have plants dug, be in a hurry to get them on their way while they are freshly dug, and then they collect the postage after the fact. Most of the time I require the postage up front, unless it is a seasoned member I have seen on the boards a lot, and that has some positive reviews at the Rate and Review Forum

One thing I do not do, is I will not take a check...just too risky of a chance to maybe have it bounce, and the fees for that are not cheap. I accept paypal, but only if the funds in it are cash..and not funded by a credit card. I have the Free version of paypal and want to keep it that way. I leave it up to the sender oftentimes whatever they want to send. They can send cash, a money order (cost about 75 cents at WM I think), or they can send actual postage stamps. One thing that should never be sent is a postage it is only good for mailing a package from the PO where it was printed.

The person making the offer will likely tell you of a few different ways to pay, and then let you decide what is most convenient and what you are most comfortable with.

Yes...Garden Web is indeed a great community.

Happy Gardening!


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I send a number of plants for postage and do the same as Sue. The only change is that I have decided to add an additional $1 or so to the shipping. I've realized that it's costing me money to ship plants for actual postage, especially with the gas prices now. Many of the people I've sent plants to (mainly the ones who've been around a while) will generously add a dollar or two when they send postage. This is greatly appreciated. I just posted iris for postage and for the first time am asking for additional funds. The flat rate box is now $9.80 and I am asking for $11 to cover expenses. If that upsets someone so be it but I shouldn't have to pay out of pocket to send someone plants. If it's someone that I trade with often that's a different story and I don't even request reimbursement because it all evens out.

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana(zone 5/6)

I know this would not work for everyone when they are 'sending' plants out, but I have had to start paying the postage on line (Click and Ship). It then prints out the postage, address label, and delivery confirmation.

I then do the scheduling of pick-up on line too. I found I have to dig, package, weigh, and get postage printed the eve b4...well actually sometime b4 midnight is the cut off I think) for pick up the next day. I seldom go to town, during the times the PO is open...instead picking up things 'in passing' when I am going other places. Gas is just too expensive for me to make a trip just to go to the PO to mail stuff.

That means I have to dig/package Sun, Mon, Tues evenings, to get scheduled for Mon, Tues, or Wed be best assured it will arrive by Sat, and not have an additional 2 days added to the delivery if they don't make it by Sat.

Postage printed on line is also a bit cheaper...not sure how much though.

Like I said...I know this would not work for everyone, in every situation...mainly working folks...or someone who does not want to commit to using a credit card on line to pay postage. I finally relented, and gave in, and it has worked great so far.


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