how long do these bulbs take ?

debraq(z7LI*NY)May 15, 2006

I bought calla lilys, sweet autumn clematis, tuberose and caladiumn bulbs from the Home Depot and planted them in washed containers with potting mix that is also good for seed starting about three weeks ago. I placed bird netting over the tops to keep out the squirrels and have kept them moist but not over-watered. I see no growth at all. They are in all day sun, in the driveway, facing the west. Do you think they'll ever grow or should I take them back to HD? All in all it was about $25 that I could def. use for other things. I hate to think that they maybe rotted. What should I do? Any help or advice is greatly appreciated.


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Home Depot has return policy on sold potted plants - 1 year, with store refund issued for the paid amount. If you bought bulbs and planted them - there is no refund. You only could return bulbs in unopened package. Just wait a little bit longer, may be they just need more time.

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The bulbs usually don't emerge until it begins to warm up and stay warmer for a little while. I'm in Zone 7a and my Callas and tuberoses have only been peeping out for a couple of weeks. Clematis are different to me than any other plant. I've planted about 7 or 8 and finally got 3 to grow. One I planted last year is just about a foot long and my other two have been blooming for weeks already. It takes them sometimes 2 or more years to really get to going. If it doesn't come up at all that will be different. For more information on bulbs there is a Bulb Forum on GW which would be really helpful to you.


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Oh, Thank you both so much for all the info. I will definitely go and check it out. And I'll be a bit more patient. I didn't know HD doesn't give refunds for bulbs. Rats, but only if they don't come up. I'll keep hoping!
Deb :)

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