Spicebush from seed -- pot size?

cpackerJanuary 26, 2014

Anticipating that our house will be built by late summer,
I want to have some spicebush ready to plant in the rain gardens then. Seeds on order will be arriving any day. When should I plant in
pots, and what size pots? Any further advice for this gardening
naif will be appreciated.

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See this web site- http://www.riwps.org/Spicebush.pdf


Propagation of Spicebush
Lindera benzoin, commonly known as spicebush, of the Lauraceae family, is a shrub native to most of ... Dirr and Heuser (1987) also suggest that spicebush seeds only require 3.5 months of chilling ... From seed to tissue culture. Varsity Press ...

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