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ramazz(8a VA)June 7, 2007

Recently I have had several people say they are sending SASBEs or postage for plants and then I don't receive anything and I wonder if the envelope got lost. Is it my responsibility to contact the person and ask if they have changed their mind, or if they actually did send something and I just never got it? I did e-mail one person who said that she had forgotten and would get something out that day, but of course I never got anything.

Please, if you change your mind, or find another person to trade with, let me know so I can offer the item to someone else who does want it!


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janinecollette(6 NJ)

Hi Becky...Im new to GW and would love some of your plants for postage if those which didn't get back to you don't come through. ;) Email me at janinecollette@aol.com or via my email listed under my page if your're interested. I'm dying to creat another bed, so I would be very grateful for whatever you could send me. Thanks! Janine

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west_texas_peg(8a West Cen TX)

Am having the same thing happen. Guy told me he was sending postage for iris...never another word...did not answer my emails. Had several wanting my 'free' iris but when I told them how much the postage would be they just stopped responding. Do they think I should pay the postage to send it to them?? I have a bucket of iris I have to find a place for in my garden because so many have done this. What is worst is the girl who wanted the last of my cannas I had dug...told her I needed to go ahead and send...she was putting the money in the mail...you guessed it...she has not yet!


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janinecollette(6 NJ)

Hi Peggy, sent you and email. Thanks!

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I think it is terrible that people would say they want something "for free" and not respond after. I am soo thankful to the people on here that are helping me for postage to start my garden, I wouldnt have had one otherwise...

SO, please dont let a few "bad seeds" keep you from helping those of us that appreciate your help !!

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giving away plants for postage is always a gamble. when some people see 'free' they just respond without thinking. i get this all the time as i give away lots of plants.

i always 'accept' more respondants than i can comfortably fill, knowing that 1 out of 3 will never send the postage! lol

i do not dig ahead of time. i wait until i get the postage in hand and then i dig/ship.

hope either of these tips helps you out. giving away plants is never free of some aggravation! after i get through my big annual iris give away, i usually swear i am not doing that again! lol


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Yeah, people just don't realize the amount of work involved in sending out plants for postage. After numerous "I'm so sorry I'm late sending you the postage, I'll send it out tomorrow" and with me believing and sending out the plants anyway just to get them on their way, I've given up! Some people never did send back the postage and more than half don't even bother to email and let you know they've got it! I mean seriously if we can go out and dig, wash the plants, package them and drive them over to the postage office can the recipient just send a little email?

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