potted blueberries with strawberries?

mrssimsApril 8, 2011

Hello everyone! I came here to check on my potted blueberry plant and its soil requirements and have gotten some great advice on lots of things just by reading. Thanks! I do have a quick question, though. My potted blueberry is in a very large pot made of some lightweight material. I am planning on getting one or 2 more tonight as it looks like I may need more than one to ensure pollination. I have a bunch of strawberry plants someone gave me....could I tuck them in the same planters as the blueberries? Has anyone ever done this before?

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I'm sure you've already read this, but blueberries have particularly stringent pH requirements... much lower than most other crops and slightly lower than strawberries (though there's more room for error with strawberries).

Also, considering the way strawberries grow and spread, its probably not a great idea to combine then with a haphazard bush like most blueberries. They need plenty of sun as well, and won't like being shaded out by the blueberry bush.

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Ah, I always forget about the shade issue in the early spring when things are not leafed out. Yeah, probably not a good idea!! Thank you!

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