511 and Hydrangeas

countrycrafterApril 27, 2014

Hello all,

I have a few compact mop hydrangeas to plant in 1/2 resin wine barrels. I have drilled numerous drain holes and they will be sitting on a gravel bed, not earth.

Two questions, should if raise them up on bricks for air circulation etc and will they survive in the 511 or should I use more of a potting mix. (And if so what do you recommend?)

If I use the 511 would like to avoid the lime to keep some on the pinkish red range and is this ok?

Thanks for any help!


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Ohiofem(6a Ohio)

Actually, hydrangeas are more likely to be pink if you add the lime. They need a pH around 6 for that, and the pH of 5-1-1 without lime is probably 5.5 or so. To get them toward blue, you add aluminum sulfate. I grew hydrangeas in 5-1-1 last year using the standard recipe with one tablespoon of dolomitic lime, and they were pink.

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Thanks and yes I got that backwards! I have some Nikko Blue as well and my late night reading obviously didn't soak in!

Are yours doing well in the 511?


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Ohiofem(6a Ohio)

Mine did very well in the 5-1-1 over last summer, but I didn't have a way to overwinter them, and they were killed by our record breaking cold temperatures.

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Thanks ohiofern, I am going to do half in 511 and half in container mix to see what happens. I plan on overwintering in an unheated garage although our temps don't usually get too bad here on the rock, (Vancouver Island)

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