How to prevent transplant shock?

ms_minnamouse(7a)June 2, 2011

Do you guys have any tips for preventing transplant shock? Especially for sensitive plants? For example, every time I dig up fern leaf bleeding heart, it always crinkles up. Doesn't make for a very good trade or sale... Or very good for just moving to other areas.

Things I already do and know of:

-Try to dig up the entire root mass without cutting through it with shovel.

-Keep as much as the root ball intact as possible (I like to ship or pot up plants with clean roots though because I don't want to keep any insects or weeds. Is there any way around this?)

-Soak for a few hours in bucket of water and SuperThrive.

-Keep it in the shade when soaking and after potted up.

-Water plants a day before digging.

Thanks for any advice!

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Put the bleeding hearts in a bucket of water immediately after you did it up. Let it soak, then wrap in a moist paper towel and plastic wrap to keep the towel moist. Bleeding hearts will survive, even if the foliage dries out. The roots are practically indestructible. If they go dormant after digging, they will return next year.

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I always treat transplants with Superthrive and B1. Both reduce symptoms of transplant shock.

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Superthrive has B1. Doesn't it?

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It does but I get better results when I use additional B-1. If you only have one or the other just use what you have. I buy most of my products at a local hydroponics store and/or online.

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BTW I see you are in MD but don't know what part. Maryland Hydroponics has locations in Howard and Montgomery County.

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