My gardens are destroyed

gingerbreadgirlJune 22, 2008

We just had the worst hail storm I have ever seen. All my flowers and veggies are stripped. So much work and now its gone

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trish_ca(CA 8)

I am so sorry. I used to live in Va. and have seen some of those hail storms. Maybe with some pruning some of your plants will come is still early in the summer.
I know it must be devestating, but maybe tomorrow it won't look so bad. Let us know what we can do...I know I have lots of extra plants and can share.

Trish in California now...

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Thank you Trish,
I just hate not to get to see them all flowering. It had been the spring flowers getting killed by late frost. Now this. With having Fibromyalgia,Chronic Fatique and athritis, it takes me so long to get things planted and weeded. It is so down heartening.

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i hope things perk back up for you,

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I feel for you. One year we had a freak hail storm in late spring and after that I had "flat dragons" instead of snapdragons. LOL :-)

Hope some of your plants survived,

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Thank you all very much.

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muggsey(z4/5 MI)

I know exactly how you feel. last year we had one of those hail storms here. took down everything all plants all buds all veggies. the only thing survived was a few green beans.
this year the deer are here and stripping eveything.
last season i said i wouldn't veggie garden ever again. but when spring came around - well actually march...the bug returned. and guess what? today almost 1 year from the last devistating storm...we are in warnings for another hail/intense happened july 5th last season.
i have asked the Lord to bless our property this time.
Can't hurt! ;-)
Sorry gingerbreadgirl! Garden hugs

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west_texas_peg(8a West Cen TX)

I have been there and can understand your despair. Not a leaf was left on any plant, tree, shrub; windows totally gone from 2 sides of our house and large holes in the roof so the insulation was drenched by the heavy rain which caused the ceilings to collapse on our furniture.

We had to move immediately. Thank God we were not home when it hit, neighbors said it was a horrible experience. Have been in hailstorms before but never as severe as that one in 1974.


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Thank you nice to know that you understand how I feel. So sorry that you all had to experience it though.

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koszta_kid(Iowazone 5)

When I saw your post thought another flood victim.But hail can do alot of damage. Had our share of hail storms. But 35 miles North of me In Cedar Rapids they had Major flooding. 20 feet over flood stage.

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