WANTED: trying to reach clashclan

marcella(z5 W.VA.)June 22, 2012

I sent out your package tues.haven't heard from you. I have emailed you several times,was wanting to know if you got your package,thanks. Marcella

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Sorry, haven't received it yet. What am I mailing you, my Grand daughter cut off her toe this week and I'm terribly behind. they reattached it because even though it had cut completely through the bone there was skin still connected on one side and they are hoping it will grow back, she will just have a very tiny toe since it won't grow anymore. I have been staying with her during the day to make sure she keeps her foot elevated. she is only seven.
I'll email you so so sorry.

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Oh, Clashclan, give her a hug for me - I am SO SORRY for her accident. Keep us posted on how she's doing.

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marcella(z5 W.VA.)

Hi. Sharon, i knew something was wrong because you were on here allmostdaily and. I had noticed you werent posting. I am so sorry about what happened, i sent you lots of sedum cuttings sure hope they do well,you were suppose to send me diff,hens and chicks caint remeber what else,just take you time sending mine,if youcan let me know when you get the box from me hope she has a speedy recovery thanks. Marcella

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Hi Sharon - I am, so very sorry to hear about your grand
daughter. I hope, she gets to feeling better.
Give her, a real big hug from me too.
Just, put our trade on hold also.
Until, she gets better.
Let me know, how she is doing.
I will, keep you both in my prayers.

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Awwhhh, thank y'all so much. Madison is spending the night with me tonight. She was getting a bad case of House-a-tosis and needed a change of scenery, so Yaya's (that's what they call me)is the place to be :0)
We are up late watching Daddy Day Care. Her toe is doing well, they reattached it because if they removed it they would have to file the bone down and it would be a lot more painful. Since there was some skin that was still attached they thought it might work.

It looks like it's working, her toe has turned from dark purple back to a dark pink, not quite the color of the other toes but it's getting there.

She has been VERY mature to stay off it and I am just trying to keep our activities varied. We have been coloring, watching videos, doing tangrams, puzzles, dot to dots, reading, and being goofy. so far so good.

Mama and Daddy took her back to the doctor and he is very pleased with her progress. She goes back again this coming week.

Thank you for all the hugs and prayers, I read the messages to her and she just giggles, "for me?" she says and giggles.

thank you

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Fantastic grandma you are! We have a 7 yr old niece, so I know how busy they can be. Here are some suggestions of activities for you.

-make a fairy house -- cut a fairy door out of a birdhouse (make it out of cardboard if you don't have someone to go buy one at a craft store)
-make fairy furniture out of sticks and stones (if it doesn't fit inside put it on the ground or in a plant saucer for a fairy patio.)
-paint clean rocks with old nail polish (makes a shiny finish that lasts!)
-plant a fairy container garden -- I let my niece put whatever she found outside of my garden beds even the weeds if she thought it was pretty. There's a mix of sedums, irish moss for grass, and small native plants. I clip off the seeds, so they don't spread more weeds. You could bring the things inside & work on a covered table or if allowed to go outside to another table where she sits & works with you. Our niece liked working with my unusual garden tools (fork, table knife & spoon) and had a blast telling me all about the fairy's special garden. We used small toys as fairy furniture & a strawberry shortcake figure as the fairy. A water bottle lid became a bucket.

Have fun!

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Oh, Clashclan, so sorry about your granddaughter's toe. Good for you for helping to keep her mind off it. Another activity to consider is making some woven friendship bracelets together. If you don't already have some embroidery floss (you can get it at craft stores), you could let her pick the colors in advance or pick a few shades of her favorite color. Consider the shiny embroidery floss too-- it really stands out and looks extra-special.

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paty99(z6 NY)

Hi cashclan, please tell your granddaughter that I wish her a speedy recovery.

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WOW, thank you for ALL the WONDERFUL ideas y'all. We are going to have a blast doing all these things, Her other grand parents are in and so they are taking care of her for now, which is good. I have my son's vehicle today and can pick up some of these items for our next fun projects.

((((HUGS to all)))
Sharon & Madison

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