Sad day

llbean(z5 MI)June 8, 2006

I am just so "sad" I had traded with someone my plant shipped with an extra included Lilac bush start. I thought it was a nice kind thing to do.. Well the receiver decided to keep her end of the trade thinking that I had "too many trades" going on and is keeping her end of the trade phormium Moira Maiden.. I just can't believe it.. This is the first time that I have ever been told that someone is keeping their end of the trade. So now I am out my clematis and a nice extra to send to someone who can use it )she said she couldn't use it or grow it in her zone)? My mother in law does... Anyway so I am out three plants..

Wishing for the Phorium.. Well maybe another trade...


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Well, I'll bet she isn't from Texas :o)). If she agreed to the trade, then she should have worked something out with you. At the very least, send your postage back.
So sorry about the phormium.

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I would really like to know who it was you had the trade with.If you would privatley email.

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WHAT???!!! you sent and she received your plants -- now she won't send hers because she decided that YOU have too many trades going? that's insane.

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madplanter57(z7 Wake Forest ,NC)

I'm with Kelley! Please e-mail me and let me know who this person is so I won't be taken, too. My e-mail address is While you're at it, see if I have anything on my list you might want. I also have winter honeysuckle bush starts (lonicera fragratissima- very fragrant in winter) and would trade whatever you want for any TB iris you have.

Here is a link that might be useful: madplanter57's trade list

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SHE decided you had too much to do already??? It's not her place to decide.

Tell her that either she send the promised plant or she send back the plants you sent her in as good a shape AS WELL AS your postage costs, or you'll turn her in for mail fraud. You can file a complaint at the post office. It's a federal offense!! Tell her that! And keep all correspondence with her and print the post as well, so you'll have proof.

We really need to start holding these people accountable for their "decisions" not to send us our plants. And if we all start filing mail fraud charges on these folks, the repeat offenders will eventually be caught. Wonder how many plants are worth going to jail over or paying a hefty fine?

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llbean(z5 MI)

Well after checking her box a third time she found the clematis just as I said.. It wasn't small either? So anyway. after a few emails back and forth, no threats with mail fraud she agreed to send her [art of the trade.. However after this many days out of the ground I am wondering what it is going to look like... Probably not what I thought it would.. Well that just goes to show ya.. Stick with what you know.. I am sure that the extra went to the garbage as she said that they are usless in her zone.. and that she has no reason to grow it there.. Oh well that is what you get for bein nice..
I will still always make sure that I include extras when I have them.. It is always a nice surprise to get something that you did not expect even if you didn't want it..

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I'd like to know also but understand if you don't want to e-mail and say whom it is.I traded with someone last year that had a somewhat similar opinion.I would be curious to know if its the same lady.I also sent a clematis though the problem was she didn't like the fact it was so large I had to cut it back a lot.She was told ahead of time it would be cut back to.It was sweet autumn clematis and cutting it back a lot will not hurt it in any way..Debbie

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I was releaved Sad Day referred to something other than to someone.
Sometimes we need more time and patience to resolve things between us.
No, it wasn't me, not shipping plants except mints and roots ,not in this heat. (smile)

Happy Gardening and good luck,


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This is off topic, but "extras" are not always appreciated. Only very specific things can survive in my rocky, dry yard. I hate to receive things that I know haven't a chance to make it.

It would be better to ask if the trader would like a few bonuses, rather than just send them. I know people are just being generous and kind-hearted, but ask first.


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aka_margo(z5a WI)

I also just sent a package priority mail, cost me $14 because the trader wanted to do a large trade. Sent out two weeks ago, no box ever came from the trader. She claims not to have received mine (never had a priority mail box lost and I've sent thousands), and claims she also sent hers over a week ago priority......funny that two boxes would get "lost". I didn't think to purchase a confirmation number. My husband works for the post office, and he says I can't track it without a number. All I can do is claim the package lost and hope for my shipping back at least. Wonder if she can get charged with mail fraud if it turns out she received it?? I'll have to ask!

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They don't give you anything back unless you purchase insurance. But then insurance doesn't cover plants or anything "perishable". So you ship plants at your own risk.

ALWAYS get delivery confirmation. If you print the postage out online from the site, you get the DC for free. But you have to be sure that the post office scans the DC # when you drop the package off so that it shows up in the system. My local post offices don't, so printing online is useless to me. They do scan the package if I affix the DC sticker manually.

You can get a stack of delivery confirmation stickers at your post office. Just keep a stack on your desk and stick one on every package you send out. And keep your post office receipts. THEN you have proof that you've mailed something and it was delivered.

I've mailed 1000's of packages over the years. And I've never lost a single one with DC attached. A few have gone missing, but they were tracked down and delivered.

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gata(z5a NH)

About sending extras - With me it is variable:
Sometimes I do, especially if it seems to be a newbie gardener and I have loads of stuff on their want list.
Also if it is a favorite trader I like to tuck in something extra that I hope they don't already have.
But other times it's just the agreed upon plants with no extras.
Sometimes I do get extras that won't grow in my zone, like mexican petunia. I keep it in a pot and over winter it indoors. Sometimes I get extras that I already have.

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