question about preparing for trading

meriannaJune 13, 2008

Do you guys wait until you have a trade set up to dig plants or do you pot up what you are going to offer in trades? I am trying to decide which way would most likely result in the best survival rate.



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Hi Mary,

I just dig, soak, wash soil off, maybe soak some more, and then package in the evening, so I can arrange for pick up the next day. I have thought that a few things would do well, to pot up ahead of time, and cut back, and let them recover b4 trading...tall lanky artemesia, and tall bee balm comes to mind. I don't think most folks looks for their trade to bloom this season anyway too much, just as it would be if one purchased a plant.

You might check out the link below to the FAQ...though the postage costs are much outdated.

If you haven't already, you might check out this too...Preparing Plants for Shipping

Also...some things just don't handle being dug, packed and shipped as well as others...but that is to be expected, and hopefully the member on the receiving end can give it TLC and keep it alive to thrive for them.

Here is a link that might be useful: What is the best way to package and ship plants?

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i sometimes put mine in the fridge after i've put them in the package, if i've got them out early, they do well. no one has complained yet. LOL :')) the one's i have problems with is gooseberries. but they come back with a vengence next year!! LOL

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