Growing Pomegranates in Containers? Success?

JessicasgrowincitrusApril 18, 2011

Hello fellow container gardeners.

I have been stalking my local hardware stores lately waiting for this season's shipments of citrus to arrive. And luckily McClendon's Hardware will be getting their 1 gallon Meyer Lemons in this week! Finally!

The lady also mentioned that they will be getting in pomegranates too.

I am intrigued!

There is a thread in the Fruit and Orchards forum, but it dates back to 2006 with some updates in 2007. So I thought I would see if anyone here in the container forums are currently growing or have grown pomegranates in containers and if you have do you have any advise/tips to help me succeed.

I live in Washington state (zone 5) and from what I read on line I may be able to grow them successfully in containers, although I may never get fruit.

Your thoughts?


I also posed this question in the Northwest Gardening Forum to see if anyone locally has tried this. I will share anything I hear there with the container forum in case there is anyone else in the NW that wants to try this too.

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calistoga_al ca 15 usda 9

Jessica you can grow Punica granatum "Nana", which is a dwarf Pomegranate. It will usually grow to about six feet but can be kept smaller. It will bloom over a long season but not make a edible fruit. They are not too messy, and will make an attractive container plant. Al

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Thanks Al. Good to hear from you. Hopefully that is the kind that they will have in stock.... I am fine with just getting flowers. That is my favorite part. :)


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You can grow them in containers and get fruit. However you may need a 15 gal min. container. Also don't expect to get baskets filled with fruit. I would expect more like 4-6 nicely sized pomegranates per container on a 4 year old plant. I would recommend pruning off the fruit the first couple of years to thicken the trunk.

Here is some pictures;

Angel Red
From Mar 27, 2011

From Mar 27, 2011

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two 2 year old Angel Reds, and two 1 year old Angel Reds.

they like full sun.

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ykerzner(9 TX)

If you use the gritty mix (instructions elsewhere on container forum) you can expect almost non-stop flowering for some time after repotting, if growing Nana. The dwarf fruit it produces can actually be eaten for intestinal parasites, but is mostly ornamental.

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