New Dypsis lutescens repot advice

Palm_shadeApril 6, 2014

I've just brought a new Dypsis lutescens but not sure to repot ,change medium pot up etc.

The potting mix is naturally peat based and has compacted a fair amount.
I have a fresh batch of 5-1-1 I've meticulously made, should I risk damaging the palm by trying to remove as much old soil as possible and replacing with new bark based? Then would I go up a pot size? The same pot it's in is preferable but not essential as the palms Heath is.

I've found in the past when I've gone ahead and repotted Dypsis lutescens in 5-1-1, as carful as I may be I still end up with the loss of a few fronds and only about 50% of old soils removed. I feel that this palm will have a larger route system than previous ive worked on so would probably be more challenging and risky.

It's quite confusing really as the palm is in hard peat based soil but is extremely healthy and in tip top condition.
If I leave it is it likely to decline as the soil breaks down over time? should I simply pot up with a similar potting mix?


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garyfla_gw(10 Florida)

I don't grow those in pots so not much help Those that I do grow in pots Joey, bottle , white elephant I use a mix
of pine bark . top soil and leca . For Dypsis think I'd add
a bit more top soil . I always remove evey bit of soil when repotting gives me a chance to check the roots
Since they are a clumping palm and thirsty no long tap root to contend with as with many solitary palms
Are you keeping it indoors year around?? gary

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