Candleflower Help (Arum italicum)

livingdedgrrl(z5 OH)July 13, 2008

I have 4 candleflowers in 4 different places. I can never get them to produce anything but leaves. This year, however, one of them finally shot up a flower...a very weak flower. But the leaves got all curly like it was dying. This one is in a lot of sun. So, I watered it quite a bit. The leaves would come back, but then shortly after they'd curl up again. They didn't actually look like they were being singed by the sun, though.

I thought about moving it to a more shady spot, but now I'm stuck for an answer:

1.) This plant in the sun is the ONLY one that produces anything but leaves (and they all came from the same place and were all planted at the same time...about 3-4 years ago). The other 3's leaves are fine and add nice attractive foliage, but produce nothing but leaves.

2.) It acts like a vampire in the the sun is evil and it's just trying to curl up and get away.

3.) The internet is no help. Everywhere I look it says shade, light shade, that doesn't help me.

Does anyone else have these and do well with them? Any suggestions?

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From my experience, Arum italicum needs shade and consistently moist soil to thrive. Once established, though, they can take drier conditions. I've never grown them in full sun--the thick, leathery leaves will scorch. Mine have already flowered and have berries, but they're still green. The plant will go dormant next month and new foliage will grow later in the fall. Sometimes the foliage persists in the winter, even in my zone.

Try moving them to a shadier spot before they go dormant. I'm sure the leaf curling was a signal that it was not happy in its planting location. Usually plants with large, thick leaves need more shade (think Hosta, Ligularia, Petasites).


Here is a link that might be useful: Arum italicum info at MOBOT

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