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sred98(z7 OK)July 14, 2013

Hey everyone. Not too many members on here I recognize, but there are still a few. After some really bad trades and flat out burns, I have given it some time and would like to try trading again. I did have some wonderful trades with some great people on here and have amazing memories from when I was a newbie on here a decade ago! I've traded off and on here since then and lurked regularly, but now I am moving to a new house with a beautiful old yard and has both shade and sun, and am in trading mode again!

I am more than happy to trade with people I know, and have traded with in the past. If I do not know you, but you have traded with someone I have traded with, and send me a reference, great! Otherwise, you will have to send first. If you cant do that, I'm not interested. Sorry, but I've been burned too many times. I like surprises in my box, but not the entire box. I got a box full of weeds that way, once. Not good.

I don't mean to sound bitter, but I love trading, and I take great pride in picking out the very best plants for my trading partner, packaging them up to withstand just about anything you can imagine, and shipping them off. I want my partner to feel like its Christmas when they open their box and get their plants, then start pulling out little extras that are on their list, or might be something I thought they'd like, based on what they asked for. I'm a gardener and enjoy sharing my plants.

There's nothing worse than to sit and wait and wait for your box and it never comes. I understand Life happens, but send an email at least. Just respond. No send mine now and you'll send yours in a few months, either. Weather was bad and you lost the plants you were supposed to trade? Take the cost of shipping and send a gift certificate to PDN, or something. Anything.

So, this is my reintroduction. I've probably scared a lot of people off, and that's ok. The ones I've scared off I probably didn't want to trade with, anyway. Lol! I will be updating my page as I take inventory on my yard, so please be patient with me. I have a general idea of what there is, but still need to pin down scientific names on some sedums and things like that. Lilies and irises I won't know til Spring. It will probably seem pretty basic, except for what I'm thinning and moving from my old house. Hopefully I'll find a few good trades this year!



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Thought I'd touch base with you to see how your trading has been.I'm with you now,after making a few trades,all have turned out being in sad shape,people need to learn how to make the proper preparations on how to keep the roots moist for the journey the plants will be on,I'm so tired of getting plants dead on arrival,this is summer people wrap the roots in moist paper towels before you wrap saran wrap around the plants,Really ! What are people thinking??

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queen_gardener(5 OH)

Hello, I'm a newbie, just started trading this year, but I'm getting it down, and I am totally with you two. I wrap roots with wet paper towels and then saran wrap. I almost always use priority boxes. Shelly, maybe we can compare "friends" and I could give you references. I think I've just been burned - first time. I sent a medium sized priority box FULL of bulbs and plants, no box in return yet. I'm sending emails to get tracking number or PID. I know you're supposed to keep first trades small, but I got so used to the generosity and friendliness on here and plant swap.net. I had made a firm agreement, I thought, with the person, and I even took pics of what I was sending to make sure it was OK before I boxed it up. I look at people's want lists, and don't try to just serve myself. I love this trading, I got SO addicted this summer! Now I'm cooling down, both because of the weather, and because of this possible burn . . . will be more cautious in the future. Maybe trading with a cautious trader will help me out.

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