Trouble editing exchange lists?

Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana(zone 5/6)July 13, 2006

Is anyone else having trouble?

I go to the bottom of the page (in the green banner)and click on Member Pages. It used to say Member Services. I see it does still say 'member services page' in the Instructions below.

I then click on "Edit Your Exchange List". It used to then take you to a page where you had to log in again since you were editing info. It no longer does that, but instead goes directly to the trade lists. I add, and delete things and then hit submit.

After I refresh, or close browser, and then do a member search, and go to view my exchange page, it is still not changed.

This last time I tried deleting all my plant wants, thinking I would then copy and paste them in from Word Perfect. Well, I cannot even get them deleted.

Is anyone else having problems? Would someone check please to see if editing is working for them?



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Hi Sue,
I just edited my trade list this morning without any problems. I always stay logged in, so after I hit the Edit your Exchange Page, it takes me directly to my lists. Then when I'm done, I just clicked submit. I usually forget to check and see if it is correctly submitted, but I just went and looked and everything I did this morning is changed correctly. I wish I could be of more help. :) Teresa

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana(zone 5/6)

Thanks Teresa,

I'm still not having any luck whatsoever. I wanted to update everything b4 calling I had everything complete, that I have available, wanting to entice you.

I will go copy and paste my lists in Word, (I hope), and then edit them and email them to you to ponder. I've had some misfortune, besides being so busy and gone, I fell Mon and hurt my knee. It's a bit better each day, and I think I am now able to do some digging and dividing for trades.

I'll go work on my list and plan to email it this eve b4 calling.

I did report the technical problem to GW at the 'Contact Us' found at the bottom of the page.


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Hey Sue,

I just edited mine yesterday with no problem. I think you're using a different browser than IE, right? You might try using the IE browser to edit your trade list and see if that works. I've found that with some browsers, I experience problems here and there in different sights, so I gave up Mozilla and Firefox and went back to IE. GW seems to have listened to us and cut down on the annoying ads or perhaps my pop up blockers are filtering them out. So the need for me to use an alternate browser is gone now.

I'm sorry you fell and hurt your knee. I hope it's not hurt bad. You're so busy I can't imagine your being able to take any time off right now to take it easy.

Don't get all of T's plants. I want to get some more of them. Move on over! (See, I got my elbows out. LOL)


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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana(zone 5/6)

Thanks Nancy,

I tried with IE, and have gotten a new have and want plant list to show, but when I use Opera, there is nothing there for plants wanted.

Would you or someone please see my lists and see if there are any plants I want. I know there any many I want/need!

Sue...about to get over this

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Hi Sue,
I just sent you an email! I didn't have any problems finding your exchange list. :) Or any problems finding things I'd like. lol.

You and Sue have about 2 weeks to take my plants. lol. After that I'm out of commision for awhile. The week before surgery I plan on spending as much time playing and holding Gabby as I can. Not being able to hold her is going to break my heart. Gotta warn ya though, Dusty has put dibs in on some of those plants too, so you've gotta get through her too. :) It would be nice if I could convince my husband to dig for me so I can keep trading while I recuperate, but I'm not going to get my hopes up on that one. lol. Hopefully I'll still have some time before it gets cold to get in a few more trades though.
Lil T

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