What's Happened Here?

butterflychaser(z7)July 9, 2006

Hey, where'd everybody go? What's happened to this forum? It used to be full of chatter and now it's pretty dead. It seems to have become a "mail call" forum, with mostly posts of people looking for other people. I'd love to see it revived to the original Conversations forum that it once was.

I'm seeing a lot of new faces here. It looks like many of the oldies who helped me get started 6 years ago are gone. Or maybe their names have changed, like mine? Anybody out there?

Is it just me or is the forum really kinda empty? I remember when things were really booming. It doesn't appear that the plant swapping forum is as busy as it used to be either. There was a time I had so many trades, I couldn't keep up with them. I would be trading like a madwoman from April til Oct.

Are y'all just lurking? Are you too busy to post? Any of my old friends still around?


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Nancy Ann,I think most of the oldies are gone.Even the garden friends I traded last year with are not here this year.I check the trading section each day and the page hardly moves it seems.The converstaion side never moves it seems.I've been here(GW) a long time myself.Debbie

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Hi NancyAnn,
I have to agree, things have really slowed down this year. I would love to see some of the people come back that I've gotten to know the last couple years. 2 years ago, I had tons of trades going out every week, now it seems hard to find people to trade with. If anyone is just lurking, jump in and have fun! New faces are always welcome!!
And Dusty if you check in, pop in and say hi!! I miss seeing you around here!
I'd love to hear from alot of other people I've traded with in the past. I'll keep popping by to see what's new! Teresa

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dustydigger(z4/5 NY)

I'm only here because Lil T sent me. I did a few trades last year.. but with starting my new shop, I was always late and felt bad for that.. folks didn't seem to bothered.. I have always sent nice trades.. but still I felt bad. I am just starting to slow down and can actually read and reply to emails. I doubt I'll trade as my shop needs gardens so I am digging from home and making new gardens down here. I checked the trade page a while back... Lil T was the only posting person whose name I recongized. (still cannot spell). There wasn't anything I didn't have or would survive in my zone... that's the problem I've been running into.
Matter of fact, Lil T I do believe I gave you some of the Canna's that I had traded with nancy Ann.. I should go look at both your trade pages.. mine if out of date by about 2 years.. heck I should go look at mine!

Nice to be back in touch with you Nancy Ann... thanks for that Lil T.
I should be able to pop in more now for a couple months so will try to keep up with you all.
Hi to all my old friends who may be reading this.. and hi to those who can't stand me too! :)

Oh.. I think alot of people left after I Village took over... folks don't like change.. took me a lil while to get use to some of the new look and that lil click on me box drives me nuts! lol Other than that, I have no idea where everyone is.. I'm lucky I know where I am!

Hope you all have a great day!!


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dustydigger(z4/5 NY)

Hey! Is Smokey Mist still around? Her member page is gone but I can backdoor to a blank trade page. Smokey if you read this.. email me.... I have JIP for you for your Mom.


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Try smokymist, I know Cheryl is still here.

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Yippee, Dusty came back!! Good to see you posting again! :) I've missed you. I think I saw Smokymist post not long, but can't remember for sure. I had so much fun with her Witchypoo swap. I hope she is still around.

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irish_rose_grower(z7 LI NY)

HI Nancy ann and everyone here. I'm not one of the "old timers" but started trading last year. Nancy has started me on daylilys....not I'm completely addicted and also thanks to you Nancy, I just received by Brother label machine so I can make labels for my named daylilys.

Glad to see you all here,
have a good night everyone

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dustydigger(z4/5 NY)

WoodThrush.. Thank you.. I am in touch with Smoky again and thrilled!! Irish Rose.. Hi, I'm Dusty... I'll take a peek at your trade page see if I have anything you may be looking for but be warned.. I am slow in my trades. Not by choice.. I work 60-80 hours a week... hard to keep up with everything.

Anyone else out there.. the Golden Oldies... Tina... Dawn.... (Dawn, I was in Troy 2 weeks ago... almost stopped in to see you.. we still have to go to that club in Saratoga!! :)
Anyone want to come help me build my new gardens? lol My Florist shop needs them!! I should post pics of the shop.. it's an old Queen Anne's Cottage, built in 1883...
Of course, I am flooding again.... can someone please take this rain away!
Lil T.... You know I love you like a sister... you ask, I'll do if at all possible.

Anyone have Bog Gardens? I am creating one.. no idea what plants to use other than the whatever it's called Iris.... Dang I am out of synch.. cannot even remember plant names... someone spank me! Please! lol just kidding.. I don't like spankings.... they hurt!

Hugs to you all!


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Irish Rose, Good to see you here! It's so easy to become addicted to daylilies isn't it? Be warned though, after daylilies comes hostas, then iris, then heucheras, then... lol. It never stops for me. :)

Dusty, I just got your email, I'll email you back here shortly when Gabby takes her nap. I"m glad Ash is doing better. I'd take some of your rain, but it's supposed to rain here the next several days too. I'm ready for a break from it. Nancy Ann said they needed rain, so we'll send it her way!!

I'll fix up some pond and bog plants for you too in your box Dusty. I'm sure I can come up with something for you. :) Do you want water iris and celery too? I'll have to chase all the frogs out of the filters to get to it. lol. I have that coming out my ears. And I want to see pictures of the flower shop!!! Big hugs! Teresa

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Y'all, we're just going to have to revive this place. I remember a time it was so busy you couldn't keep up. I think a lot of people left when Ivillage took over because some things changed. Personally, I think most of the changes were for the better. And Ivillage seems to have listened to us and toned down some of those annoying ads. That Super Steve and his Kraft Mac and Cheese was getting on my last nerve! LOL But once we got thru the transition, most things still seem the same. Too bad folks didn't stick around to see it thru.

So it's up to us to rejuvinate this place. I think we can do it, don't you?

Dusty, show us some pics of the shop. What kind of flowers do you have in it? Do you sell cut flowers and potted plants or what?

Maureen, like T said, daylilies quickly become an addiction. There's always a prettier one down the road and you just gotta have it. That's my problem. I have more daylilies now than I do garden. I've been doing a lot of culling this year. I gave away a lot of stuff to folks on Freecycle. I let them have what they dug. I've got a few more unnamed to cull out. The unnamed ones just drive me nuts! So all but a couple are leaving this year.

Maureen, look on Ebay for the tapes for the Brother. I get them for $6 to $8 each. Locally, they're $20 each! OUCH. Also, check www.everlastlabel.com for some good zinc metal markers. I get the Style E now. They withstand my dog's trampling better.

Dusty in a bog garden, you can plant anything that likes moisture--ferns, hostas, chameleon plant, iris pseudacorus, acorus, gunnera, cat tails, elephant ears, cannas, and anything that loves moisture. Are you doing just a bog garden or a pond too? If you get chameleon plant or water celery, you really want to pot them and put them in the pond. You don't want them in the ground. They'll go everywhere and you'll spend years trying to rip them all out. (Been there, done that! LOL) Even water lilies will grow in a bog as long as you do keep it moist.

It's good to hear from all of y'all. Somebody start some interesting threads, would ya? Let's get this forum moving!


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jgsturd(Z6 KY)

Hello Everyone

Well I just lurk around and mostly read...:0 I have been around for about 4 yrs. I dont think I have traded with any of you mentioned here except possibly Dusty. Dusty did we do a trade a few yrs ago with an old fashioned rose? And the PO called because the box was leaking, it was right after the anthrax scare. Forgive me if it was my memory is terrible but I do remember it being with someone in NY. I havent done a lot of trades, because it has taken a while for me to get my gardens thriving.

I kinda got side tracked with home and kids. Husband and I became foster parents and then I have more children and that was an adjustment for everyone! lol Then I was in a pretty bad car accident that put me out of commission for about a year. But I am back to my gardening and enjoying every minute of it. My gardens were badly neglected. My husband didn't complain..........I wasn't buying new flowers for a while! :) lol

I have had some good trades on here and met some wonderful people...the good has always outwayed the bad.

Anyway I mostly just like to read. There is so much good information here. It is a resource that I keep coming back to!

The only problem I had with the swith was my entire trade page disappeared. So I had to redo that but it wasnt that bad.

Nice to meet everyone!

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Hi Nancy,
I'm up for reviving this place! Maybe the more we chat here, some of the old timers will come back and see that some of us are still here. I'm going to have lots of down time soon and would love to be able to come here and chat. :) I don't really mind the changes with IVillage either. I get the occasional pop up, but not often. And I don't even notice the ads or anything on the side. I have a one track mind when I come to the exchange page and all I look at is what's new. lol.

I went to check out your trade list and it's gone. Did you delete or is it MIA. I saw a few other people posting that theirs disappeared. And the water celery, definitely don't put it in the ground. I'm sending that for your pond. Mine actually grows out of my pots in the pond and roots in the ground. Very aggressive. But the fish love to eat it, so I keep it around for them to nibble on. I hope Ash is doing better. Give him a big hug for me!

Hi Peggy!
Nice to see you here. I got side tracked last year also and didn't do any trading all last summer. Our daughter was born in June, so my flowerbeds were badly neglected. I'm playing the catch up game this year and trying to thin and get rid of all the weeds. It's amazing how fast weeds can take over. :) Hopefully we can trade in the future!

Lil T

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kathy_ann(zone 7)

HI Nancy Ann,

I'm still around, but not that often any more. I hardly trade but maybe 3 to 6 trades a year. And seem to only find time to search the garden sites when I'm printing off address labels for boxes, it takes forever on my computer to do that, LOL

There still are a few old names here though, I recognized a few of them.


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wishnforspring(z5 Upstate NY)

Hi Nancy,
Glad to see you are healthier and able to enjoy your gardens again!
YOU were my 1st ever trade here on GW about 2 yrs. ago.You gave me good advice and I sent you plants that I put in plastic bags-ALL of the plant- so you got mush. I still feel bad about that.Forgive me yet?I agree about this site. I noticed the same and thought it was just me.What hapened to lilaclily05? I tried to send a email just this week and it came back as undeliverable mail.I can't seem to find her any where or get a response since March? HMMMMM???She was here trading alot last year.
Lil T is Teresa I am assuming. She and I just did a huge trade of DL's and I am very happy we did! It's my new obsession also!! So many !! I am starting college next month for Horticulture and landscaping and hope I learn alot to pass on to everyone who wants help.
This site is addicting. I'm not really an "oldie" but I'm still here- does 2-3 yrs. count?
I'm not going anywhere.I agree with the ads- the guy with the rocket drove me nuts!!I don't even remember what it was advertising...and the traders who post 5-6 separate posts one after another!!! Yikes!- I know that will make someone mad I said it but it's true.

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dustydigger(z4/5 NY)

Peggy, That could have been me, I do have native rose bushes... more like a Rogusa, than the hybrids... And I've had a few leaking boxes before! lol

Nancy Ann, I'llemail you some pics... I forgot how to post pics here and since I don't have a web site anymore...... I sell everything here at my shop... Cut Flowers, Plants, Antiques, Crafts, handmade afaghans... Homemade soaps and bug spray, handmade jewlery... Birdhouses... Sky's the limit!!

Lil T, I don't know what happened to my list's.. but will work on getting them back up. I lost a lot of my zone 6 plants last year thanks to hardly any snow. So would have needed a re-do anyhow. I push it planting those since I'm a 4b/5a..

Man oh man is it ever hot here!!


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irish_rose_grower(z7 LI NY)

Hi Nancy, I think you have a great idea on reviving this place. I don't usually frequent here too often, but if we are all here chatting I would love to join in. And you must have read my mind -- I was going to post a thread asking where is a good place to get the zinc name tag things. Thanks for that info and the label info too.

HI Theresa in ohio - good to see you here too. yes, the daylilys sure are addicting. I just planted the last of the ones I had to get in the ground. Now I am not buying or trading any more because I need to maintain the garden beds that I have.

HOw is everyone holding up in the heat?? It's going down to 80-85 today. The whole week forecast looks to be beautiful. We have gorgeous summers here on Long Island with the Ocean breezes and bay breezes. I may have to post some pics of our beautiful beaches soon.

Talk to you all soon,

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irish_rose_grower(z7 LI NY)

I forgot to say hi to:

Dusty, hi how are you doing? I look forward to chatting here with you and the others.

Good luck with your bog garden.


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onesherri(z5 OH)

So heres where all the old timers are.:)

I haven't even looked in this section for years, it seems.

For those of you going daylily crazy, I sympathize.:) Been overly addicted for about three years now. Lucky for me I have very little shade so the hosta addiction can't get hold. But beware.:) Sherri

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Lisa! I'm here! My old yahoo ID was deleted and with it went all my emails! I DID send you an email through here about 3 weeks ago saying PLEASE send me an addy so I can send this monster white monarda and never heard back! Please send me an email, I did whack it severely back when I did not hear from you, but I still have some to send!

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Hi Lisa,
Glad you were happy with our trade. I loved everything that you sent also. Good to see you here. :)

Let me know when you get your list back up. I haven't had a chance to check it again to see if you've been working on it. When I see what you want, I'll know what to look for when I'm out shopping. lol. Sending you an email shortly. :)

Sorry I couldn't get back with you about a trade. My Grandmother passed away last week and I've been caught up in that, plus a million other things going on. Hope you are doing good. :)

Everytime I finally get everything planted and in the ground, I always say... OK, that's it! I'm done. Then of course something else comes along that I just have to have and it starts all over. Can't buy just one plant. It would be lonely without friends. lol. I was convinced I was done for the year, but was drooling over Maryott's site a couple days ago. So of course I had to place another order. Then I got a flyer from Patron Gardens and all their daylilies are buy one, get one free. I'm resisting the urge, but not very well. Someone please stop me. I'm already going to have to rush and get all my daylilies from Maryott's in the ground before my husband gets home from work. I figured out if I get them planted before he gets home, he never even notices that I bought something new. Terrible isn't it? lol.

You can always create shade for more hostas. :)

Lil T

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dustydigger(z4/5 NY)

Hi Sherri, Good to see you, hope all is well with you and your Lil Man! I bet he's grown like crazy since the last time I saw him with bandaids all over! lol I still think that was/funny as all get out! Lil T is right.. you can make shade.. but remember.. the Hostas grow faster than the trees... I found that out! Still loving my Daylilies!!

Lil T, Haven't had time to work on my list but maybe can get it started after I get this funeral work finished. I have a few movies to send you but am waiting to see if I can find some more. I actually taped you one off the dish! lol! Just fast forward through the commercials.

Maureen, I'm good... dealing with a teenage daughter that is about to drive me to the nut house!!! I love the picture you have with your name on it... Thought I had said that already but I guess I never finished that post!

Haven't done too awful much in the gardens the past couple of weeks, the heat & humidity have been so high it's all I can do to walk! And even that breaks a sweat!! Suppose to be 90 here the next few days with high humidity! Great just what I wanted! I could deal with the 90 minus the humidity... that's what gets me!

My dog Ash has to have surgery tomm. everyone please keep him in your thoughts!. Thanks!

Everyone have a great day!!


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onesherri(z5 OH)

Well hello miss lilaclily.:)

It's fun seeing everyone in here, this place really has died down quite a bit.

Dusty, he is definately a lot bigger but still has a sticker thing.:) Hows the store business going and what kind of store are you running? Teresa told me you had one but no details. Do tell.:)

Heres a garden pic that Jake participated in.:)

Teresa, funny that you said that because I just realized that on the other side of those plants it is all shade and just needs to be dug wider for a row of hosta.:)
You should be saving some of that money for Maryotts in the fall girl. They have great sales then.:)
MCDS is having their public sale on the 19th at the franklin conservatory. Table after table of double fans for five bucks. Really want to go. Sherri

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Ohhhhh, look at all those daylilies!!! (you know you've got it bad when a mother notices the flowers before she sees those wonderful children playing in the pool!) I showed my 2 boys this picture and they are green with envy. I have the bug too, but am just starting with them so I don't have any named ones to trade, teresa did trade me for some Aztec gold and some stella d'oros (thank you, thank you) I have a few neighbors let me dig out of their yards but they aren't named, where did you guys go to get started? I read somewhere where you can't really trust what you are getting from the box stores so I was leary about getting some from there and they don't have a very good variety anyway. I am still working on getting some good varieties for my hosta gardens (my first love) but those darn daylilies are sneaking in there, I drool over the ones in the gardening magazines, but am not sure if I should order from there or not. does anyone have any good advice for me?
(I just thought everything was dying out cause it's so hot right now, I have only been on this forum since May, but I am hooked, I check in here at least once a day to see whats going on)

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onesherri(z5 OH)

Hi Micke,
Think your right not to buy from the local walmart and kmart but most nurseries are pretty accurate with their selections and some mags are great to order from and some are not so great. Guess when it comes to mags I would say if the price seems to good to be true it probably is. Unless it is a reputable place, I don't buy from there unless it is blooming.

Seems the hosta addicts and the daylily addicts have just about become one so try finding some one to trade with that is interested in the hosta for daylilies. Thats how I got started with my enormous amount of daylilies is right here in these forums. Sherri

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I'm sort of a newbie around here, but I wanted to throw in my two cents worth about the website --

My Member Page is mixed with someone else's, and I have been unsuccessful in getting GW to fix it.

So my long list of Trades does not show up in my Member Pages, but in someone else's.

I find that I am having trouble keeping up with four trades I am making this week. Previously I have only sent one trade box. It went through fine, so I decided to try more. Nancy Ann - I think I might be trading with you?

In any case, it's discouraging for a newbie to come and see the same posts in the same order day after day, but I'm not giving up!

:)regards to everyone.

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If you are trading with NancyAnn, you'll have to write her. She's been banned once again - sigh...if you need her email, let me know.

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dustydigger(z4/5 NY)

Again??? Dang! I'll have to dig out her email addy! NA.. if you read this email me. I am in the middle of 2 funerals and a wedding... well.. make that 3 funerals!


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why are people banned?


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dustydigger(z4/5 NY)

Oh there's lots of reasons... breaking the rules, cursing, posting racial slurs, the powers that be don't like you, a member doesn't like you and watches you like a hawk and the slightest slip and they turn you in... lot's of reasons, lot's of reasons.


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hi all, im sort of a an old newbie, did some trading here well in seed swap any way, but in my 2nd month as a member got busted three times in same week for posting wrong, didnt get any warnings that i was doing it wrong till low and behold got all three warnings in one day. i had lost someones addy and posted everywhere except right place. so after a long while i just resigned up under new name but haven't done any trading till this past two weeks, was trying to get rid of all my cannas and monkey grass and started posting it for sasbe. needless to say i got alot of e-mails asking THEY FIT IN A SASBE? LOL as i said i had only done seed swapping before so i didn't know the termanolgy for shipping plants....but i was instructed on how to phrase it correctly..LOL thanks all for the help.. hopefully i will make some new friends here as well. i've also learned a few things after my first shipment of plants,, if you go overboard trying to impress someone with a big plant it costs alot...LOL well heres to future trades and garden friends. hope you all have a blooming good day!!! see you in the trade lines,

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I guess I can be considered an old timer. I have been here for many years. I have done quite a bit of trading but do not see some of the names I used to see. I have a lot of people that I have beeen trading with for years and it is always great to see them post. I usually do not come here but things were slow on the exchange and I came in here. Daylilies are ddicting. I started out with a few and now, thanks to many trades on GW, I have about 500. I have also become interested in hostas and have quite a few of them. AND thanks to GW I am also addicted to Japanese Iris. This forum is becoming a problem. My husband is going to retire and he wants to leave. I CANNOT leave my plants!!!! I told him we will need another truck for the plants that I will be digging up.
Maureen HI! Hope to see you at a LIDS meeting. Next year you will have to come over when my daylilies are blooming.
Now that I know of this place I will visit more often.
Take care. Lynne

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dustydigger(z4/5 NY)

Fable!!! I remember you!!! Nice to see you! Hope all is well and life is good!!!


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Hi Everyone! I have traded with many of you over the years, it has been great! Does look kinda dead now. I only did a few trades this year. I started school a year ago and I am trying to get adoptions finalized, one is with a fragile baby I have had for 18 months. So I really don't like to trade much anymore as I get worried that I may have to postpone a delivery due to something unexpected. Besides, there is the digging, washing, post office, etc. and though I love to trade and miss you guys, I just can't seem to find the time:( Not time for anything much anymore. I did do several new gardens this year, maybe I will post some pics. Take care everyone!

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Hi Everyone!!
I am new here but really enjoyed reading this thread. I was wondering where the group of traders were that had been on this site for a long time and I found them. I just joined the end of September and am in the process of 4 SASBE seed trades. After next summer I will have all the seeds from my garden to put up for exchange. Since this is the only GW I know I don't have the old one to compare it to and like it fine. Looking forward to reading more from all of you and trading in the future.

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